Reading less and writing more

A thought struck me lately — I’ve been reading too much, writing too little. Similarly, I’ve been over consuming and under producing.

I’ve been thinking about the times that I could otherwise be spending in building, what I would describe with my limited vocabulary, a lasting pleasure. I have been distracted and once in a while I will wake up realizing people are ahead of me.

It has been a long dream, and it is about time.

The shadow scholar

Interesting article from The Chronicle by a man who gets paid writing thesis for students:

The Shadow Scholar

The man who writes your students’ papers tells his story

You’ve never heard of me, but there’s a good chance that you’ve read some of my work. I’m a hired gun, a doctor of everything, an academic mercenary. My customers are your students. I promise you that. Somebody in your classroom uses a service that you can’t detect, that you can’t defend against, that you may not even know exists.

I work at an online company that generates tens of thousands of dollars a month by creating original essays based on specific instructions provided by cheating students. I’ve worked there full time since 2004. On any day of the academic year, I am working on upward of 20 assignments.

Read more at The Chronicle.

Stephen King’s alcohol and drug abuse

Stephen King reveals how wasted he was in the past:

In his 2000 memoir, On Writing, King revealed that he’d been so shattered by his alcohol and drug abuse in the 1980s that, even today, he cannot remember working on many of the books he wrote back then. There were times when he’d been doing so much blow that he wrote with cotton wads stuffed in his nostrils, to prevent blood dripping on his typewriter. (Source: Life)