“We decided to ship the Windows 7 code as Windows 6.1”

And so… Windows 7 is the name for the new version of Windows, the successor of Windows Vista. The thing is… It actually is Windows 6.1 if you check system properties and this has been confirmed by the Windows Team Blog. I don’t think it’s that great an idea honestly. I prefer the marketing version number to coincide with the development version number.

we decided to ship the Windows 7 code as Windows 6.1

Windows 2000 code was 5.0 and then we shipped Windows XP as 5.1, even though it was a major release we didn’t’ want to change code version numbers to maximize application compatibility.

That brings us to Windows Vista, which is 6.0. So we see Windows 7 as our next logical significant release and 7th in the family of Windows releases.

We learned a lot about using 5.1 for XP and how that helped developers with version checking for API compatibility. We also had the lesson reinforced when we applied the version number in the Windows Vista code as Windows 6.0– that changing basic version numbers can cause application compatibility issues.

So we decided to ship the Windows 7 code as Windows 6.1 – which is what you will see in the actual version of the product in cmd.exe or computer properties.

There’s been some fodder about whether using 6.1 in the code is an indicator of the relevance of Windows 7. It is not. (Source: Windows Team Blog)

In the case, I think it would be better to just call Windows 6.1 Windows 7. I think it’s clearer for developers who are going to start using the Windows platform.

Seven things I hate about Apple iTunes

The most annoying things about iTunes are:

  1. Each time I launch iTunes, it gives me a quick black screen, I don’t know what’s that for but it’s uncool.
  2. I never understood why dragging and dropping music into iTunes’s Music sometimes work and sometimes don’t.
  3. On a maximized iTunes, you cannot move your mouse cursor to the top right and click to close iTunes. You end up clicking on the application behind and that typically would be maximized for me and I always ended up closing Firefox this way. It’s just because iTune’s windows have curved corners all around.
  4. iTunes randomly eats up my cover art and I have no frigging idea what’s going on.
  5. Glorified spreadsheet is ugly, grid layout is simply requires too many clicks to move around and the cover layout – oh don’t get me started.
  6. iTunes’ volume changes are not reflected the Volume Mixer of Windows Vista.
  7. And the fact that it somehow needs Bonjour and Apple Mobile Devices and kindly installs those services without telling you.

Apple is just there to destroy Windows users experience. I can imagine they’ve got a bunch of really dedicated staff who actually would probably fix these things but were told to prioritize on useless shit like Bonjour for Windows.

When using Windows Vista, I can almost feel Apple screaming to me “Switch switch switch”.

Honestly one day I probably would switch but I can’t help but not like the company. Think of it as Microsoft. Lots of people claim that they dislike Microsoft online but few actually bothered to move away from Microsoft years ago. If you hate the operating system so much, why not move? It’s just because Microsoft got some things wrong and a whole bunch of things right. And Apple too, gotten some things wrong like iTunes, but they’ve gotten a different bunch of things right.

Ubuntu is so hard, but I like it

I’ve been working a little more in Ubuntu these days. I found it to be slightly faster. Especially with the performance of NetBeans. It’s a joy to work with NetBeans. In Windows Vista, it’s shit slow. I don’t know why, it’s probably due to all the overheads from the services launched during start up.

I feel lighter now.

The funny thing is that I got more productive in Ubuntu not because it’s a better platform in terms of functionality but just because there are lesser distractions. Most of my leisure stuff are in Windows Vista. I use Windows Live Messenger so often there. In Ubuntu I don’t like Pidgin and I miss my custom emoticons, hehe1.

Monkey hehe emoticon

I auto-hide the rather useless bottom panel which only use twice a day and rely most on keyboard shortcuts. I also enabled the Windowlist screenlet and use it as a taskbar replacement.

Ubuntu’s still hard to use

  • I hate exploring my folders so I don’t explore folders much any more.
  • There’re too many clicks involve in organizing my files so I never download anything any more.
  • Finding music in my Windows hard disk through Ubuntu is so hard and I don’t know how to create a link to directly link to me the folder.

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How to backup and restore in PostgreSQL

I was fairly impressed with pgAdmin III when I first used it. It seems to be simple to use for anyone who can’t write their own SQL statements. I wasn’t too good and it and each time I execute a change in the database I have a feeling the world’s going to end. But one thing the pgAdmin III doesn’t do well is backup and restore.

Using pgAdmin III for PostgreSQL

(Using pgAdmin III for PostgreSQL. A screenshot.)

0. Objective

In the end it’s best to use the command prompt (or terminal) and in this really beginner tutorial, we’ll do a backup and restore using the command line.

1. Set PATH for PostgreSQL in Windows Vista

This guide assumes you install in ‘C:Program FilesPostgreSQL8.3’, the default installation directory. Continue reading “How to backup and restore in PostgreSQL”

Why doesn’t Vista let me rearrange my taskbar

One of the features I like from – ahem – Ubuntu, is that it lets me shift the tabs of the task bar around. I just like to put my work on the left side and my nonsense on the right.

Windows Vista places it based on chronological order, left to right. And upon the restart of explorer.exe due to reasons I never fully understood, it auto arranges in an order not sensible to me at all.


Why why why!

When a downgrade seemed more like an upgrade

This is kinda sad:

Free downgrade to Windows XP Professional Singapore

(Free downgrade to Windows XP Professional Singapore.)

Honestly, I prefer Vista but many people are apparently thinking otherwise. Where’s Mojave Experiment? One, two, three, everyone pronounce – “Mo-har-vay”. Oh, so it’s not “mojo”.

Mojo Jojo powerpuff girls

Mojo Jojo.

There was this guy who was skeptical that Windows Mojave is Windows Vista. When told, he calmly (and skeptically) remarked, “then why is it faster?” Windows Vista is not slower, but it is not faster either. It feels faster as much of research on perception is apparently being applied into Vista. Plus, it’s a fast HP computer anyway.

I like the Mojave Experiment, it proves how quickly people accept things without trying first. Mojave is a good marketing move. The rest of Vista marketing is largely a failure.

Microsoft fails to identify the need for people to switch over.

My computer can’t tell day from night

This irks me a little, my computer sometimes show p.m. instead of a.m. and a.m. instead of p.m. It’s just strange. The time and everything is correct. I use the 12-hour clock instead of the 24-hour. (You are an army freak if you use the 24-hour clock.)

So two in the afternoons would be 2 p.m. instead of 14:00. Anyway, my computer would switch to 2 a.m. when it’s 2 p.m. sometimes. It might be something to do with Ubuntu settings. It didn’t seem to occur until I use Ubuntu and revert to Windows Vista. Something just messed up my clock somehow.

Anyway, did you know that a.m. and p.m. stands for ante meridiem (a.m., Latin “before noon”) and post meridiem (p.m., “after noon”) respectively? I remember asking my primary school teacher before and he couldn’t answer. We didn’t have Wikipedia that time, hahaa…

MOBTV not compatible with my computer

I was testing things out on MOBTV recently and my computer is apparently not compatible. It claims that I have an older version of Windows Media Player.

We have detected an older version of Windows Media Player on your computer which might not be compatible with MOBTV services.

Please click on the link to upgrade it to the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Please click next to proceed to the next check after you have completed the upgrade.

I’m pretty sure I have the latest version – Windows Media Player 11. It came pre-installed with Windows Vista. These are the things that turn people away.

And I hate to see that uppercase the word MOBTV.

Our water and electricity bills are on the rise

This came in rather recent and I was kinda shock when I see this. Our bills rise up to 300SGD. That’s quite a high amount. Our bills hover around 200SGD and never really rise that high.

Water and electricity bills are on the rise

I’m aware that the money suckers tweaked the charges yet again citing rising costs and blah blah. We just pay it I guess. I am surprised yet a little guilty. This month, I almost didn’t switch off my computer at all.

I had this strange computer problem that gives me a Primary Master Hard Disk Error each time I turn on the computer and I had to switch on and off several times before the Hard Disk can be correctly read. That always kinda scared me so I didn’t dare switch off my computer with the fear that I never get to turn it on back. It is especially at such times when I need my computer that I switched it on twenty-four seven. On best record, it went on for 22 days and 3 hours without a single restart. No, I am not operating a server, thank you. Continue reading “Our water and electricity bills are on the rise”

Vista’s Previous Versions takes up a lot of disk space

I just cleared all the files in Previous Versions and it cleared 52GB of my disk space! I was wondering why I used so much disk space in just 1.5 weeks of computer usage! So it is Previous Versions. (Some people refer to it as Shadow Copies.) Continue reading “Vista’s Previous Versions takes up a lot of disk space”