Back in Singapore

Lots of things have happened. Tokyo has been thoroughly enjoyable. I love to be able to write more about it if not for the lack of time. There’s been lots of catching up and talking to do when I returned too.

At my company, Tremor Video, we’ve got our MRC¬†accreditation¬†and we just filed for IPO too. Excited stuff there.

Managed to speak to some interesting dudes at Node.js user group too and I realized my views of what a hackathon is falls somewhat narrow.

On the technical side I’m reading up more on CSS transitions and animations. Lots of rehashing to do. I’m thinking that I might quite possibly give a presentation on this topic.

Also in my read list, there’s a book that I have to go through and review, that should come up soon.

That’s all for writing. Better week next!

Happy 2013

2013 is going to be an exciting new year. I haven’t got much to talk about in terms of resolutions, after all 2012 has been a great year in general and I’m thankful for the opportunity that came to me.

New company, well kinda

I left Cherry Credits a while back seeking to do something different. I landed on a JavaScript role which will be interesting for me. I’ve always been somewhat a generalist, a full-stack developer, and this role requires me to concentrate on JavaScript, mainly Backbone.js.

Community involvement

I would like to have more involvement in local communities (in Singapore). It could be anything really, but I would prefer a technology slant as always. Because things are so vague I cannot write much but it’s definitely something that I will be pursuing as a personal project in the upcoming year.


I will try to go to at least 5 countries this year, including transit stops! I haven’t been able to travel as much as today. My parents never brought me on a holiday before and when I started earning money, unsurprisingly that’s the first thing I want to do — to travel. This year, the key place might be Dominican Republic, but we’ll see.


I read too much; I should write more. I like how writing slows down my reading and consolidates a lot of what I read. Without jotting things down I’m just reading and forgetting. Sometimes I wanted to refer back to articles I read before but I have almost no way of uncovering them. Pocket is definitely going to be a useful tool for this project.

A new job

So I have a change of work place. Now I work in a company that’s focused on delivering advertisements in videos through prerolls — Tremor Video. My role will involve JavaScript, CSS and HTML, mainly implementing user interfaces. There’s a bit of Java too where I tend to frown.

The new company is located in between Dhoby Ghaut and Bugis MRT Stations and this brought me back to the city. There’re so much nice food to have here. Having worked at Cherry Credits for a year, I’ve hardly been to the city much. Being here puts me in a different mental state. It’s more exciting just being here, although the commute time has increased. I’ll probably be more focused here. To another successful year coming!