Shouting at hard disks increases latency

Brendan Gregg from Sun’s Fishworks team makes an interesting discovery about inducing disk latency.

Shouting at Disks Increases Latency (VIDEO)

For more details, see Brendan’s blog entry.

Now you know what the technicians do to hard disks when they get angry. They shout at them and then notice something surprising and go like woah. For me, I whisper sweet nothings to my hard disk. It fetches documents a lot faster this way.

Now you can build a safe with Lego

A 14 pound (6.5Kg) heavy duty LEGO NXT SAFE with 6.6 Gallon (30 Liter) storage space inside. The code lock accepts 5 numbers by changing the rotation direction of the wheel. Only after entering the correct combination of numbers, the door will open.


Lego lovers continue to amaze me with different creations.

Just one box of notes would do

These are my Singapore polytechnic and secondary school notes all stored in a box. Every alternate year I’ll add more things into this box. And when the box can’t contain more things, I start dumping the really old things.

Singapore polytechnic and secondary school notes all stored in a box

Sort of force myself to keep things within the limits of the box size. My disposal policy goes like this: If it’s something I am not going to use or look at in the next five years, it probably should end up in the bin.

(I still keep one stack of secondary school stuff because they’re my English compositions. I sucked at them but that’s precisely why I keep them – to laugh at myself.)

Vista’s Previous Versions takes up a lot of disk space

I just cleared all the files in Previous Versions and it cleared 52GB of my disk space! I was wondering why I used so much disk space in just 1.5 weeks of computer usage! So it is Previous Versions. (Some people refer to it as Shadow Copies.) Continue reading “Vista’s Previous Versions takes up a lot of disk space”