The Django Book going second edition

The Django Book is now going second edition. It’s in the writing process and not much has been written yet.

The Django Book is one of the more interesting initiatives where the public can contribute comments to the contents of the book before it is published. It’s a great way to discover errata and fix sections which are ambiguous. Books are usually written be experts and there are times they don’t see the difficulty the same way the readers do. Ultimate, The Django Book is aimed for beginners.

As of now, 3 chapters are written.

Oh, another social account FriendFeed

I just tried FriendFeed yesterday and it’s really cool. It aggregates all sites that have an RSS feed for you. It gathers my Digg, Mixx, Pownce, Twitter, Google Reader, Reddit, Google Talk, YouTube, my other blog, Delicious and Facebook account. It aggregates almost everything I have even though I only actively use a quarter of them. Erm, probably lesser.

Excessive information overload for noise lovers. It’s cool if you have friends using this service and you can see what they’re doing in the other websites.

However, FriendFeed may be a little bit of privacy invasion to some people. But for me, I do not really care about privacy any more honestly. I just sort of given up this little right of mine.