SingTel AMPed SMSes are really annoying

I am not interested at all. No unsubscribe option. Do I have to call SingTel specially to request for a delist? I have received numerous SMSes on that. Oh and the customized ringtones? Oh god they are annoying. Why did SingTel even think I would appreciate them changing to some song I never heard before? I just want the lousy default dial tone that is really really boring because it tells so much of my personality. Thank you.

INQ voucher can now be used in all hello! stores

Interested in the INQ mobile phones?

INQ mobile
INQ mobile

SingTel has extended the redemption of the e-voucher below to all hello! stores from today until November 30, 2009:

INQ roadshow coupon

Therefore, if you’re interested in INQ mobile phones, this is an opportunity you mustn’t miss!

INQ Mini 3G roadshow

Interested in the INQ mobile phones?

INQ mobile
INQ mobile

For two days, from tomorrow (Oct 31 to Nov 01 2009), SingTel will be hosting the INQ Mini 3G Roadshow in Plaza Singapura (Singapore) where you stand a chance of meeting MediaCorp artistes Dai Yang Tian (Oct 31 @ 8 pm) and Elvin Ng (Nov 01 @ 8 pm).

SingTel has a good offer for INQ Mini 3G this round if you print out the following coupon:

INQ roadshow coupon

You get the following with the coupon printed out (print it here):

  • Free pack of 3 INQ Mini 3G battery covers (worth SGD34.95)
  • Waiver or registration fee and SIM card charges (worth SGD42.80)

If you do get an INQ Mini 3G on the roadshow, you’re eligible for a lucky draw with prizes redemption of a 12-month SingTel mobile subscription. One winner will be picked on each day.

So head down to Plaza Singapura (Singapore) between 11 am to 10 pm on days Oct 31, Nov 01 for the INQ Mini 3G roadshow!

New smartphone from INQ

Have a look at the new INQ mobile:

INQ mobile
INQ mobile

What’s striking asides the scarlet back is the strong focus on integration with social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. Now you can stay connected with your pals where ever you are. INQ mobile also added push Gmail and iTunes synchronization recently, a very welcome addition to the already feature-packed phone. INQ also supports multitasking, the change in icon during incoming messages, friend requests and updates is a nice touch.

Here’s Walt Mossberg opinion on the INQ “facebook” phone:

Walt Mossberg & Katherine Boehret about the “facebook phone”

The INQ is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera that’s perfect of capturing candid moments of your friends and share them to Facebook before they can stop you. INQ positions itself as a simple yet feature-rich device to keep you connected to your social circle. The simplicity becomes evident as they chose not to ship a manual and instead have a Help Cards section of their website which guides you on the features of INQ rather than teaches you how to find or use them.

Attractive prizes can be won if you spare some time to check out the blog posts on INQ mobile here:,,,,,,,, holly– and

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Marina integrated resort under construction

This is the view of the Sands casino under construction from The Sail, Marina Boulevard.

Integrated resort Marina Sands Singapore The Sail
Integrated resort Marina Sands Singapore The Sail

In the sky terrace, you get occasional connections to Telkomsel, the Indonesia carrier. And it’s from Marina Boulevard! I’m sure if you pull open some windows you can see SingTel building somewhere. But no, it just prefers Telkomsel. Last I check, SingTel owns 35% of Telkomsel.

What KahWee tweeted on 2008-08-19

  • Singapore iPhone price plan has not unlimited. Cheapest plan is iFlexi Value @ 56SGD /w 300MB Data, 200min outgoing and 500 SMS 🙁 #
  • And for that plan, SingTel retails iPhone at 348SGD and 508SGD for 8GB and 16GB respectively. iPhone dream smashed. #
  • @techcrunch Singapore iPhone plan – #
  • @ntt We need to go on iPhone strike, lol #

20% chance SingNet users can’t view this page

SingNet doesn’t like Slicehost too much. I’ve been having some troubles connecting to the host. There’s a 20% chance that the request would time out. It’s like 1/5 of SingNet systems aren’t working.

Other Singaporeans like pkchukiss and Jeremy encounter similar problems with we earlier discussed in Slicehost forums. Both of them mentioned they mailed the technical support so I guess I’ll just wait and see.

Basically, there’s some problems with the internet backbone (probably the C6 cervical vertebrae or something). After randomly tracerouting and pinging here and there, it appears SingNet’s machines aren’t properly configured to a SingTel node.


When with Media Temple, this blog takes ages to load, but at least it loads. With Slicehost, this blog loads quickly and that is if it actually loads.

Are there any other Slicehost users in Singapore?

[The problem appears to be resolved.]