There’s lots of construction going on

I’ve been rather busy these days so I had to tone down my blogging. I don’t really have much time to reflect on things too so less the amount of posts. And asides work there is school. I was talking to a classmate online this morning and she made me realized how closed to the exams it really is. I start getting a little stressed with school. Perhaps it’s time to put down some things to start some revision. Anyhow, I took this picture near my work place:

Lots of construction going on here

Construction’s going on near my work place. It’s kinda noisy. This reminds me of Ngee Ann Poly, I used to pass by that area quite often and always wonder how come they never stop constructing. Once they complete something, the engineer’s itchy hands simply have to embark on something new.

And this thing about construction creating jobs and therefore our country loves to construct more things – it’s real I believe.

Okie dokie, back to work.

Weird buses exist in Singapore

I was going to my work place the other day and I took a bus that looks like this:

SBS bus with nice white chairs

Looks really strange to me. The design is not really practical. I think it probably is some special tie-up with Nokia or something. Was just thinking the bus could have carried a lot more people.

But still, it looks refreshing. I sat on one of those white chairs. There is even a fake bar top. What’s up with buses these days?!

Malaysia drops KL-Singapore bullet train project

Ah good. I didn’t quite like the idea actually. It doesn’t have significant advantages to our country in my opinion and I rather good money be spent on improving our current transport system. Five years down the road we’d probably see more congestions on the roads.

Anyway, I just post this article because the word ‘feasibility study’ is there. So…

Malaysia drops KL-Singapore bullet train project

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia has shelved plans for a bullet train linking Kuala Lumpur to Singapore because of the cost, a top planning official said on Tuesday. 

The 8 billion ringgit (US$2.5 billion) project, proposed by Malaysian infrastructure and utilities group YTL Corp in 2006, aimed to cut travel time between the two cities to 90 minutes from seven-and-a-half hours presently. 

The idea for a high-speed train between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, about 300 kilometres apart, dates back to the late 1990s, but was revived after the Malaysian government invited companies to submit ideas for privately funded projects.

The Malaysian government backed the project in 2007 after it passed a feasibility study, but said at the time it wanted to conduct a social impact study since the project would involve land acquisition. Continue reading “Malaysia drops KL-Singapore bullet train project” is back but without maps?

Good news is that is back. But the bad news is that all the maps seem to have disappeared. The satellite maps are still there but the vector maps – there’re all gone. Missing images basically.

There’s little use for it if there’s no maps. Previously had some legal issues.

Well, in meantime, if you want some Singapore maps, you can check out StreetMap@Singapore, Singapore Land Authority service. is no more?

Ahh, gotten themselves into real big trouble this time. I use pretty often to help myself finding places. There’re websites like Google Maps and all but I always return to for their map because they show the buildings, the bus stops and stuff. It’s unfortunate that they gotten into such trouble.

POPULAR online map has shut down, after the company behind it, Virtual Map, lost its appeal against the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) over copyright infringement last week.

The SLA, which originally issued Virtual Map a licence for its maps of Singapore, sued the company in January 2007 for continuing to use the SLA maps even after the licence had expired.

Virtual Map lost it case in the District Court, and was ordered to stop using the infringing materials. It appealed to the High Court, but lost again.

The site was taken down two days ago, said Virtual Map’s managing director Firdhaus Akbar, but the company is currently working with a set of replacement, non-infringing maps, and hopes to bring the site back online in ‘about two days’.

Mr Ackbar said his company has spent ‘millions’ putting in value-added data like points-of-interest, on top of the maps SLA had provided.

Hat tip and source: Plaktoz

I think previously, went to pursue some people for using their maps on website. They fussed about it and they was some legal issues that they cite – possible of copyright infringement. I am not too clear of what actually happened. Anyway, the Singapore Land Authority pointed out that does not rightfully own the maps too. That was a golden moment actually. It sounds almost silly to stop people from using maps.

The incident went quiet for a while but it seems like themselves will have to be silenced for a little while longer.