How much is a cleaner paid in Singapore?

ChannelNewsAsia reveals how much cleaners are earning in Singapore.

Cleaners in some sectors can expect to take home a bigger pay packet and enjoy higher starting basic salaries of between S$1,000 and S$1,200, as part of efforts to raise productivity through the Progressive Wage Model (PWM).

They make up more than half of the near 70,000 local and foreign cleaners in the industry here.

Currently, cleaners in these positions earn between S$675 and S$950.

So the answer is about 1000 SGD. Honestly it is hard to survive with a 1000 SGD salary in Singapore. Cost of living is high and with 1000 SGD, you will be deprive of many activities. I shan’t go into that.

Salary of programmers by programming languages

TheUnixGeek compiled a list of salaries of programmers. It’s of course not reflective in Singapore but it’s interesting to do some comparison as always. All salaries are in United States currency.

Programming Languages

  • Objective-C: $82,000
  • C++: $80,000
  • TCL: $80,000
  • C#: $79,000
  • Java: $79,000
  • Python: $78,000
  • Perl: $77,000
  • Ruby: $74,000
  • JavaScript: $72,000
  • Delphi: $64,000
  • PHP: $64,000
  • Visual Basic: $64,000
  • C: $60,000


Objective C? Erm… Okay, don’t think we use that a lot in Singapore. And well, I search some additional languages just for fun. COBOL programmers are said to be paid $72,000. ActionScript, an average of $73,000. Lisp people get $77,000. And of course, I can’t help it but to search for FORTRAN, apparently those people are still in demand – $75,000. I used to do FORTRAN for 4 months. I cried every day.

Fatty frog crying emoticon

No for loops. Continue reading “Salary of programmers by programming languages”