Google fixes Hotmail for Chrome users

If you’re a Chrome user like me and my money plant, you’d probably notice how Hotmail just don’t work with Google Chrome. It always piss me so bad when I see a mail I can’t reply. If I don’t reply your mail, it’s really not my fault (innocent), it’s Hotmail’s fault. Anyway, that excuse can no longer be used.

Issue 19025: Add support for UA spoofing, and spoof Safari’s UA string when loading URLs… (Closed)

Add support for UA spoofing, and spoof Safari’s UA string when loading URLs
from * (to fix hotmail).

Chrome fixed it by spoofing Safari, now Hotmail works. Hooray for Chrome!

Opera 9.5 is out!

Opera 9.5 is out! You can download it here.

Opera 9.5 screenshot

Opera has been my main browser since 4 years ago. It’s the underdog of browser wars. It’s quick and light-weight but give web designers more problems with more browsers to support. But I just love the speed Opera offers.

Today I use Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2 and I’m loving it more, thanks to the Firebug and Delicious plug ins. I was previously using Apple Safari but it crashed quite often and cannot open that many tabs.

I, by the way, open around 30 tabs. I’ll just leave interesting links there on my browser until I am free to take a look at them. And I always feel sad when my browser crash and I lost all my links and have to reopen them again.

My computer goes cranky randomly

My computer’s a little cranky these days. I can’t pin point to any device that might have been the cause of such faults. I turn on my computer and had this waiting waiting circular mouse cursor telling me to wait. I can’t do a thing even the legendary control-alternate-delete didn’t work.

It went okay after that with everything coming up at the same time. Just two minutes ago, I clicked on Eclipse PHP and it just launch. I thought these things supposed to be instantaneous. Okay, at least near.

But the worst thing is perhaps with random Windows Explorer crashes and Safari crashes. I understand why Safari crashes, the animals probably ran wild but why Explorer. I am beginning to suspect TortoiseSVN or some shell integration software.

I’m thinking of reinstalling my computer now. And I just reinstall it 3 weeks ago. Yes I’m using Windows Vista. Yes I know I know. Get a Mac right? Yeah yeah…