Diners who eat without paying caught through Facebook

This one is funny though a little lengthier than what I usually post.

Dodgy diners at Seagrass in Melbourne Facebooked

The drama unfolded last week when a group of five young diners, after drinking at the bar, requested a table at the Southbank restaurant.

Over dinner, they worked their way expertly through the menu, ordered and drank fine wines and, after ordering dessert, slipped out “for a smoke”. They kept going.

Leary was left with an unpaid bill for about $520, and little hope of recovering his money.

“It was then I remembered that when the group arrived, one of them had asked about one of our waitresses who was not working that night,” Leary said yesterday.

The waitress gave him a name and then he thought of Facebook.

“The site also gave me his place of employment, which was handy.”

Leary discovered that both the man and his girlfriend worked at another Southbank restaurant.

Angered that it was workers from his own industry who had perpetrated the scam, he stormed down to the restaurant and confronted the restaurant owner, who promised to deal with the matter.
Within hours, the restaurant manager arrived at Seagrass with the ringleader, who not only paid the bill, but left a generous tip for staff.

“The restaurant manager then told me he would let me know what further action would be taken,” said Leary. (Source: News.com.au)

Ahh, Facebook’s handy. I found many secondary school friends there. It’s such a good tool.

Funny Chinglish – Translate server error

I think it’s great that everyone these days is making an effort to translate things to another language. Globalization’s really happening, so are mistranslations:

Translation server error in restaurant


Erm, it’s the thoughts that counts right?


[Apologies to the previous post error, it’s a strange WordPress bug’s fault. Not me not me!]

Went around trying different food

I got bored of McDonalds’ and the pretty-girl cafeteria and junk food actually.

Ate something different today – zong zai fun. There is this nice lady selling it at the Bukit Batok area and I bought the food from her stall a couple of times.

Zong Zai Fun

Quite filling too. Something different. Placed a lot of chilli there as you can see, hahaa… Happy lunching.

On a side note, there is this old man who always brings his dog down at noon time. Always wanted to ask the old man if I could take a picture of his dog. I actually intended to ask today, but… his dog is not around. Another day I guess.

I started a new category – Photo Diary

They will hold pictures that I take on a random basis. Somedays there’ll be pictures, some days there won’t. I don’t like to give myself too much pressure on taking pictures.

And the category is called – Photo Diary. I usually take pictures with my Samsung U600. It’s a pretty lousy phone I guess. But the whole point of this is not much of showing how great quality a phone can have but to just create a photo diary. It’s hard to type so many things. I don’t like to keep typing and typing too. Pictures are much easier and they speak a thousand words right?

Anyhow, this is my next thousand words:

Nice prawn

Steamed prawns – succulent and delicious. I prefer them to fried ones. Nicest when served hot. Yummy. I took this at Boon Lay Raja Restaurant.