Badly done project

It’s late at night and I am still coding my project. Worst of all is that the code that I am (possibly) more proud of than the rest of the code I have is the isNumeric function:

[code lang=”javascript”]var isNumeric = function isNumeric (s) {
return !isNaN(parseFloat(s));

There, here is it. The rest of the code very well deserves to be deleted. Unpresentable, at best.

End of assignments, commercing of project

My assignments came to an end yesterday with my networking coursework submitted. I haven’t done a terrific job on that. I was too uninspired on writing up networking proposals as an assignment. For one, it serves no purpose. Also not exactly my interest. Yesterday was a busy day, I rushed to Fusionopolis, rushed to MMI, rushed to Ikea and back to home to rest. Met Ridzuan at 1 AM to eat McDonald’s also. McDonald’s taste better in the wee hours.

I had some time for Atashinchi:

Atashinchi mother anime japanese
Atashinchi mother anime japanese

But I was too tired to watch.

This morning I woke up late. I am quite pleased with myself waking late these days; somehow felt more satisfied with my sleep. I went to the doctor then to work. I’ve been working in 24seven – a tiny company with big-hearted people. We’re working on something new and bits and pieces are surfacing. Will likely share more when time is right.