India government to access Blackberry encrypted messages

Seems like another loss for privacy advocates. On a lighter note, at least Blackberry can continue to function.

CrackBerry addicts rejoice: No ban in India. For now.

At an eleventh hour meeting with government officials Monday, Research in Motion (RIM) caved in to India’s demands for access to users’ emails and other data to avoid an immediate ban on its encrypted data services.

Under the agreement, RIM will immediately implement systems to grant “lawful access by law enforcement agencies” to customer data, India’s Home Ministry said in a statement. The
regulatory bodies will evaluate the feasibility of this arrangement for the next 60 days, even as India presses forward with demands to force not only RIM, but also Google and Skype to set up servers for hosting customer accounts in India — which would facilitate easier access to private data and wire tapping of voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) phone calls. (via Globalpost)

To be honest, I don’t think this would work. If users are really going to send something really secret, there are still ways to do that unless encryption is entirely outlawed. What if the government monitor these supposedly encrypted messages and use them to gain competitive advantage in business that they have an interest in? I would rather trust corporations than government here.

I just annoyed a lady on the phone

I just annoyed a lady on the phone.

Her: Hello?
Me: Hello
Her: Who is this?
Me: The person you called. Who may you be?
Her: You called my phone yesterday evening and I wasn’t able to answer. I need to know who is this.
Me: You can’t. I did not call you. You called a fixed line and it can be from anybody. Give me your name and I will ask around.
Her: -gets angry- Where are you from?
Me: I don’t wish to reveal. Provide me with your name and I’ll check.
Her: -raises voice- What is this?
Me: I don’t need to identify myself.
Her: -officially pissed off- Are you trying to mock me? Why are you doing this to me?
Me: Why would I mock you? I am just asking–

-hangs up-

Not the first time this has happened. I hate to answer phone to ask me to identify myself. I won’t reveal myself before the caller does as I felt it gives a stranger an opportunity to find out more about the phone number’s owner(s). He or she could be someone who tries to use some social engineering skills. I’m mostly a prick at such scenarios. I know I know.

-hangs up-

T-Mobile customer database stolen?

These kind of things always scare me. I never could trust saving my card number into any online services because of this.

Unconfirmed Reports of Massive T-Mobile Breach

Early reports indicate that hackers have penetrated the T-Mobile U.S. network and stolen proprietary operating data, customer databases and financial records. According to a post on, the hackers have claimed to be auctioning the pilfered data to the highest bidder. T-Mobile competitors, they say, turned them down.

There are no details as to how the hackers achieved the breach, but they did post code to show that they did penetrate the T-Mobile network.

T-Mobile was the target of a masssive 2005 hack, in which Nicholas Jacobsen was charged with unauthorized network access by the U.S. Secret Service. According to published reports, Jacobsen had access to all the information about T-Mobile’s 16 million U.S. subscribers.

T-Mobile subscribers are also the frequent target of e-mail and text messaging phishing scams.

UPDATE: There is no mention of a security breach or incident on T-Mobile’s Web site. We spoke with T-Mobile Saturday night, and they were unaware of the reported incident. They were looking into it, but stil have not provided a formal response.


Google Chrome is faster than Firefox

Crashes faster. Five minutes is all it took. [Thanks Wynn.]

Google Chrome is faster than Mozilla Firefox

(Google Chrome is faster than Mozilla Firefox.)

I like the Incognito icon at the top left. That’s the porn mode right?

Google Chrome Incognito mode

(Google Chrome Incognito mode.) Continue reading “Google Chrome is faster than Firefox”

Someone just invited me to join Friendster

What? After erm so many years? I never increased my Friendster friends count much. Almost none of my friends are there. Once I had an opportunity to ask my friend why he prefer Friendster.

He tells me Friendster has more chio bu pictures.

I then realized (not ‘just’ but ‘then’) Friendster privacy is not as obvious as Facebook’s. No wonder so much pictures lah.

Google explain what are cookies

It’s actually very well explained. Some people ask me what are cookies but I don’t really know how to explain that. I just tell people that it is basically information from the website that is stored in your computer and you can’t eat them.

Google does the explanation much better here:

Google Privacy: A Look at Cookies

By the way, do you pronounce ‘privacy’ like it’s ‘pre’ or ‘pry’?