Christmas came early

Christmas came early for me and my relative unexpectedly gave me a phone he deemed too complicated to use. It’s free for him after a contract renewal but he much prefers his current phone.

The new phone is one of those slide phones that I have once declared I shan’t be ever carrying. It comes with some GPS whatever and a camera and a USB cable and a nice box. I haven’t really started reading the user guide yet but will do so in a couple of days time.

Nokia 6710
Nokia 6710

For some who may know, I’ve been eyeing for a new phone lately. This isn’t close to what I was hoping for but it will suffice. And Claudia, I can pass you back Sony Ericsson quite soon. Wahaha…

[Edited to include picture]

Know someone who likes chocolates and puzzles?

My friend got this at Kino and it’s pretty cool:

Meiji white chocolate puzzle front

(Meiji white chocolate puzzle front.)

Meiji white chocolate puzzle back

(Meiji white chocolate puzzle back.)

It looks like something to be eaten but you really have to hold back on your appetite. Wish I could have it opened. It makes a pretty good gift.