Spider-Man spotted at NUS library

Always nice to see Spider-Man again.

Was mugging (studying) in school during study week as usual and this happened at around 130am.
Is this a NUSSU (student union) ‘event’ or is it some idiot trying to play the fool… or is it really SPIDEY???? 😛 See for yourself. Whatever it is, it was cool to relieve some of the stress from us muggers.

Spiderman spotted at NUS central library 23/04/09

[via Daryl Li]

Listen to France president speak English

What to do when you’re really bored? You can listen to Nicolas Sarkozy (France President) speak:

Sarko et la langue de Shakespeare!?

What he’s trying to say is:

You are welcome to invest in France. We will be happy to help you make money in France. And of course to make some money with you for us.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Funny stuff.

Sarkozy, by the way, has a very beautiful wife. His third one to be exact. Sarkozy married Carla Bruni (with Italian descent) on just this year if I’m not wrong. Here’s a picture of the French first lady:

French first lady Carla Bruni

(French first lady Carla Bruni.)

Much better than Sarah Palin in my opinion. And speaking of Sarah Palin, she got pranked by Montreal comedy DJ duo:

Sarah Palin gets pranked by “Nicolas Sarkozy”

Sarah Palin spend much time boot licking. The best is that this is recorded and she sounded… Never mind.