WordPress 2.7 to support upgrades via SFTP

One of the new features that is coming to WordPress 2.7 is upgrades and install via SFTP. I was just complaining to Uzyn how hard it is to upgrade WordPress due to the requirement for FTP in plugin upgrades. It didn’t make sense to me for FTP is needed.

I didn’t even install FTP on my server so I can’t take advantage of the plugin upgrades. I guess when 2.7 is released, I’ll be first to upgrade.

WordPress 2.7 also added the feature to upgrade itself. This is going to be my favorite feature. Upgrading WordPress is most tiring.

Firefox 3 and icio.us

Here’s the security status of icio.us:

Firefox 3 and icio.us

Maybe that’s why del.icio.us wants to change their website to delicious.com. It’s much easier to tell others too. No idea how much they purchase delicious.com for though.

If you have Firefox 3 and wish to install the Delicious plugin, you can install the beta one here.

A new blog design – Dialectical subtlety

I updated my blog layout. Things are pretty messy in the past. The colors did not look right, the links aren’t working and I lost interest.

Theme: Dialectical subtlety

The key focuses of this theme are elegance, readability and simplicity.

ijustrealized Dialectical subtlet wordpress theme 1

Some powerful WordPress features – such as previous post links, categories and trackback information – are sort of removed or made less obvious. Tags are preferred over categories too, it is also the main method to sort the posts. Continue reading “A new blog design – Dialectical subtlety”