How to use playlists in iPod Shuffle

Two weeks ago, I got myself an Apple iPod Shuffle 4th generation that looks like this:

Apple iPod Shuffle Fourth Generation.
Apple iPod Shuffle Fourth Generation.

I got the silver color one.

The moment I bought it I opened it up and threw away the instructions and casing as I was walking forgetting the need to ever return to the store should it not be working. Thankfully I don’t need to but I didn’t get to read the instructions too.

It is until today that I (just) realized that, hey, it supports playlists. I never knew I would want a playlist till I got my 100th song in the iPod Shuffle.

How to navigate through playlists in iPod Shuffle

I learnt that if you want to navigate through your playlists, you press and hold your iPod Shuffle’s VoiceOver button till you can hear it say “All Songs…” and whatever playlists you have. You can now press the forward and backward buttons to navigate through your playlists. Hear the name of the right playlist? Press the VoiceOver button again to select that playlist.

You are welcome.

iPod Touch’s stupid Smart Playlist

It annoys me that my Recently Added and Top 25 Played are all not in order when they’re in my iPod Touch. The Smart Playlist in iTunes looks correct but it never syncs correctly to iPod Touch. In my iPod Touch, it just shows in some random order.

How to fix iPod Touch Smart Playlist appearing randomly

I chanced upon the fix to this by unchecked “Live Updating” in Smart Playlist. Just click on the smart playlist and choose “Edit Smart Playlist”, then uncheck “Live Updating”. It does syncs in order now although it is still not ideal.

Smart playlist in iTunes
Smart playlist in iTunes

This has been broken since the OS 3.1 update. Currently at iPod Touch OS 3.1.2, it still does not work. 🙁

This is just a temporary fix, at least my playlist look more sensible.