Someone just invited me to join Friendster

What? After erm so many years? I never increased my Friendster friends count much. Almost none of my friends are there. Once I had an opportunity to ask my friend why he prefer Friendster.

He tells me Friendster has more chio bu pictures.

I then realized (not ‘just’ but ‘then’) Friendster privacy is not as obvious as Facebook’s. No wonder so much pictures lah.

Widgeous pantry room and my camera

These days I’ve been taking pictures of almost everything. I could, possibly, be a photo journalist one day with the amount of pictures that I am taking. I took pictures of food. The following is Ridzuan’s favorite Hello Panda food. He finishes half a box and his eye lids are heavier than those of pandas.

Widgeous pantry room

I work at Widgeous, this is our make-shift pantry room. We don’t lock our food, so far there are no unaccountable food. Snacks that graced Widgeous includes Hello Panda, Kit Kat, Oreo, Lexus, fake Kinder Bueno and more. Ridzuan is probably our unofficial chief pantry officer. I like biting on pandas.

Three years back I was talking about mobile phone with inbuilt cameras with Gowri. And she raved how useful and great the idea is to place a camera in the mobile phone. I said it was just a fad and it’ll go away after a couple of years. Today… Well…

You’re right Gowri. And I’m addicted. I don’t snap pictures of people, but I snap a lot of pictures of animals and objects.

Almost all the pictures in this blog is taken on Samsung U600 which has the tendency of being overexposed, dully-colored and its 3.2 megapixel looked like 1.6 megapixel with a 2x digital zoom. But Photoshop always saves the day. I got this custom action just to re-adjust the colors back.

samsung u600

With the phone camera, I took pictures of things I find odd and post it up. It takes a bit of time for sure but I am beginning to feel a need to archive my memories. I only take pictures when I am out of my house, and when I’m out of my house I’m usually eating. So you see lots of food photographs such as the one above.

Why some people contribute to open source

A month back, I talked to a friend I shall call Joel since his name is really Joel anyway. We had a short geek talk and he asked me if I have any knowledge on open-source projects.

“I only know how to use them, I don’t code for them,” I answered.

He continues, “but do you know of any open source project that is worth my time?”

“Well, it sort of depends on what you like…”

He interrupts, “It doesn’t matter, I want to join a project that is popular.”


And he elaborates to me, “If you want to join an open source project, should join one that is popular then can gain recognition.”

That was a sad moment for me. I shrugged and suggested “erm, maybe can try Firefox.”

On a side note, Uzyn is excited that CakePHP 1.2 Release Candidate 1 is out. I’ve been longing to consume the release candidate. Great work CakePHP team! I love your work.

Fruity birthday cake with kiwi mango and strawberry

Ahh, just some random picture of a cake I took.

Some thoughts on Christianity

I just realized I haven’t been going to the church for the past one month. It’s always sleeping late that is the main cause. And when it’s morning time, I’m too tired to go to church. Going to church seems to be more of a chore these days unfortunately.

Christian cross

Many times I tell myself if this thing happens my way I’ll go to church coming Sunday. I’m just lying. I didn’t get up week after week. My mom is mad at me but I can’t be bothered with her anger. And that’s because I want to be able to choose. I am still that kind of person that would like to choose different paths. Even for religion, sometimes I thought about trying other religions. Or perhaps not having one and see how its like.

A few stronger Christians talked to me about this. But I think they don’t really get my point. Their point is Christianity is the true religion kinda thing and you cannot sin and worship other Gods. But my point is what if it isn’t. Quoting the bible which is not really the best form of argument.

I heard the God is great, God is good. But I can’t help but to think what if we’re wrong. What if the God is this being that is destructive, hateful and is simply around to mess up over lives. And this God, with him being evil and all, is the being that we should worship. I have many what-ifs.

Unfortunately, I don’t get good answers. I get answers like, “No, God is all good.” They get very defensive but sometimes I just want an open discussion. Be open, explore and think a little. Why can’t they be a bit more open to discussing this.

New places to play at

Went to eat at Bukit Batok West area yesterday. It’s been a long time since I went there. Walked around there a little too since I haven’t been ‘shopping’. Sadly, this is the best I ever get to shopping – looking at prices in the local supermarket.

Spoted a new playground. This area changed a lot of times. Years ago, there’re sand then slowly they changed and changed. Today, it’s some carpet thingy. No more sand castles for the kids.

Children playground in Bukit Batok

Adults can go do some exercises here. More of these stuff in Bukit Batok. I think the town is getting older. The people living here are aging.

Exercise place in Bukit Batok

The funny thing is that I don’t really see much senior citizen using these machines. But they really should. The gym’s probably tons better but this is free.

Happy Mother’s Day at Sakae Sushi

As you all know, today is not Mother’s Day. It’s tomorrow but we pretended it’s today. We got our dad along to celebrate too so it became Parents’ Day.

And yup, we went to Sakae Sushi at West Mall to have our dinner.

So many people thought that it’s Mother’s Day today! Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day at Sakae Sushi”

No fruits for today

Was at the fruit stall today. But they didn’t have avocado drink today so I had Subway instead.

Bukit Batok fruits stall

I sort of forget that there’s a math exam tomorrow. I think I must have been totally blur or something. I met Anne-marie just now and she was telling me about math this and that. And then she made a mention on examinations tomorrow.

I was like, “huh? is tomorrow?”

I was feeling panicky after realizing the mistake. I went for a haircut and decide to have something really light and study. Okay, no avocado drink so no choice, I had to eat Subway ’cause they had this discount going on. I just had to.

Now I’m too full. Maybe I’ll go bathe first or something. No post for the rest of the day!

Balcony washing on a Sunday morning

What a good Sunday morning – I actually woke at 8 today. It’s rare for me. My dad’s been doing some washing in the balcony just moments ago.

My balcony top view

This is my balcony from another room. Took the picture from upstairs. Yes, the picture is badly stitched. There’s really nothing in the balcony. It’s probably the most useless place in our house. When we moved into this new house, I lobbied for extending the living room and ridding the balcony. My parents objected. Cites cost and laundry concerns.