Building a brand

Perhaps I should be taking what I learn from work to apply it on my personal life. It’s time for a rebrand for myself. I’ll start online.

Rough plans:

  1. July: Launch
  2. August: Position this blog slightly different. It will be where I gather things I read from all around. will focus on my profession more.
  3. September: Moving resume to and identity building.
  4. October: This blog will move to top level domain.

Might go for a short vacation in between too.

Share about your problems

I kept a fair share of things to myself, trying to solve problems in my own way. Maybe I felt that sharing on my problems is a sign of weakness and that weakness I can overcome. It came to me that these little problems I have might be solved much quicker had I just shared with others.

The mere act of sharing requires verbalization of the problem. I find myself forced to frame the problem in a manner that can be easily digested by the listener. There’re times that already solves half the problem. Then the listener will probe the issue at stake and this further constraints the boundaries of the problem and that might just lead me to discover the primary sources of the issues.

Well two minds can work better than one. It doesn’t hurt to share and the best part is no one really judges me as much as I judge myself. So share.

More coding

I realized a devoid of code examples lately. I was distracted by a lot of reading lately. Reading doesn’t translate to doing something significant yet still gives me a certain sense of accomplishment. I just spent an overwhelming amount of time last week just clicking and reading through — researching as I like to call it. I achieve some additional knowledge, I guess. However, time could possibly be put into better use had I actually coded something.

So, note to self — do, don’t just read.

Oh, and write, too.

Disconnecting myself

I’m getting increasing tired of the notifications that I have in my life. The top offenders for me are Facebook, LINE, Google Talk, whatsapp and email.

I feel obliged to clear the notification icons on my desktop and phone. There are just too many ways of reaching me. And I like to experiment with new technologies that I install and sign up so many applications to connect myself even more.

I’m opting to disconnect for a while, maybe three months. No more Facebook. I have a major fatigue over notifications. I get increasingly annoyed with these distractions. The only one I cannot unplug from is email, my major chore of the day.

Reading less and writing more

A thought struck me lately — I’ve been reading too much, writing too little. Similarly, I’ve been over consuming and under producing.

I’ve been thinking about the times that I could otherwise be spending in building, what I would describe with my limited vocabulary, a lasting pleasure. I have been distracted and once in a while I will wake up realizing people are ahead of me.

It has been a long dream, and it is about time.

Time for myself

I’m happy that I work at Fusionopolis. I stay in the west of Singapore and there is little commute time to work. I never thought too much about traveling but with this new work arrangement, I felt I have more time for myself.

I like the idea of sitting in a park reading a book; never have I gotten a chance to do that until recently. It felt like I’ve done a huge favor for myself. It’s more humid than I imagine, I couldn’t get into the meditative state either. Nevertheless it felt right and that’s all that matters.

People change

People change — that’s what I keep telling myself when something unexpected occurs. Then a voice would retort, “What? You expect people to stay the same? How absurd!” And I end up forgiving and accepting things as a way of life. As I continue to relax my expectations, it comes to a point where I wonder if I might be better of sticking with my standards.