The new Nokia Lumia 1020

The new Nokia Lumia 1020 is armed with a 41 megapixel camera sensor. Amazingly high megapixel value leads to you zooming after your shot is taken. Quite a nice feature in my opinion.

NOKIA LUMIA 1020 Nothing gets this close

Zoom. Reinvented.

Nokia Pro Camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020 lets you shoot in super high resolution, which means you can zoom in close to your shot after you’ve taken it. Then rotate, reframe, crop and share new images as many times as you want.

I just wonder if the new Nokia Lumia 1020 is fast enough when taking shots.

Christmas came early

Christmas came early for me and my relative unexpectedly gave me a phone he deemed too complicated to use. It’s free for him after a contract renewal but he much prefers his current phone.

The new phone is one of those slide phones that I have once declared I shan’t be ever carrying. It comes with some GPS whatever and a camera and a USB cable and a nice box. I haven’t really started reading the user guide yet but will do so in a couple of days time.

Nokia 6710
Nokia 6710

For some who may know, I’ve been eyeing for a new phone lately. This isn’t close to what I was hoping for but it will suffice. And Claudia, I can pass you back Sony Ericsson quite soon. Wahaha…

[Edited to include picture]

Nokia admits N73 batteries may swell

Nokia admits some problems with N73 lithium batteries that they may swell up. You could check this Nokia web site to see if you’re affected.

Nokia coughs to ballooning batteries

Nokia has admitted that some customers are seeing BP-6M batteries, as used in the N73 handset, ballooning to several times their original size, and in some cases to such an extent that the phone case won’t close.

El Reg first heard about the problem from a reader just after Christmas, and Nokia has been investigating since. Today the company assures us that the issue is nothing to be concerned about, and customers who find their batteries bulging should nip down to their nearest service centre for a free replacement.

Nokia isn’t saying how common the problem is, only that it affects a “limited number of batteries” and that the swelling presents “no risk to health of safety” – assuming of course that your health and safely doesn’t depend on having a working telephone before you have a chance to switch batteries. (Source: The Register)

Batteries swells are hardly unheard of. Affected batteries can be exchanged.

jQuery to be integrated into Visual Studio

Good news for people who develop in the Microsoft development environments, jQuery is to be adopted in Microsoft’s official development platform. I’m surprised by the announcement as Microsoft has shown preference in developing their own products rather than reusing what is out there.


Adopting jQuery is an excellent choice and Microsoft probably would drop their existing ASP.NET Ajax Framework in time to come since so many people are using jQuery already.

What excites me more is the possibility of implementing jQuery IntelliSense into Visual Studio. I love to see how that would work out.

On slight note, Nokia also adopted jQuery in their widget development platform.

Bleh… Symbian going opensource

On tech news today, Symbian adopts the Eclipse Public License, set up the Symbian Foundation and went opensource.

Industry leaders to unify the Symbian mobile platform and set it free

…industry leaders are coming together to establish Symbian Foundation, to bring to life a shared vision and to create the most proven, open and complete mobile software platform – available for free. To achieve this, the foundation will unify Symbian, S60, UIQ and MOAP(S) software to create an unparalleled open software platform for converged mobile devices, enabling the whole mobile ecosystem to accelerate innovation.

The Symbian Foundation platform will be available to members under a royalty-free license from this non-profit foundation. The Symbian Foundation will provide, manage and unify the platform for its members. Also, it will commit to moving the platform to open source during the next two years, with the intent to use the Eclipse Public License. This will make the platform code available to all for free, bringing additional innovation to the platform and engaging even a broader community in future developments.

The platform will be free and open to develop on from the start whether you are enthusiast, web designer, professional developer or service provider. To develop on the platform you will not need to be a member of the foundation. The Symbian Foundation’s developer program will provide a single point of access for developer support; providing a wide offering of tools and resources. (Source: Symbian Foundation)

Symbian is used by Nokia. It’s like Apple has the iPhone, Microsoft has Windows Mobile and even Google’s coming up with something too. Symbian’s having a rather unexciting future with all the other platforms (especially the iPhone) making news every now and then.

For years Nokia kept the OS closed and all of a sudden they open it. And why’s that so? Because they used it enough already, they earned their cash and they finally decide to share. This news would have been more exciting if released years ago, not anymore.

How to eavesdrop on Bluetooth conversations

A demo on how to attack and capture audio on a Bluetooth headset using a handheld Nokia.

How To Eavesdrop on Bluetooth Conversations

I don’t know what’s going on half the time, but it made me avoid Bluetooth headsets. I don’t really get what’s the cool factor of having one of those Bluetooth sets that hangs on the ear. It looks odd, doesn’t look cool and you can probably see some people in their late thirties flaunting them as if they’re the latest gadget or something. I feel like crying each time I see it and not in the Robert Scoble way for sure.

Weird buses exist in Singapore

I was going to my work place the other day and I took a bus that looks like this:

SBS bus with nice white chairs

Looks really strange to me. The design is not really practical. I think it probably is some special tie-up with Nokia or something. Was just thinking the bus could have carried a lot more people.

But still, it looks refreshing. I sat on one of those white chairs. There is even a fake bar top. What’s up with buses these days?!