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On Crazy Horse’s family

Crazy Horse (Lakota: Tȟašúŋke Witkó (in Standard Lakota Orthography), literally “His-Horse-Is-Crazy” or “His-Horse-Is-Spirited” ; ca. 1840 – September 5, 1877) was a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota.

This is just too hard to read. I can’t help laughing at this:

Crazy Horse’s Family

Crazy Horse was born to Oglala Lakota parents. His father, born in 1810, was also named Crazy Horse. One account said that after the son had reached maturity and shown his strength, his father gave him his name and took a new one, Waglula (Worm). (Another version of how the son Crazy Horse acquired his name was that he took it after having a vision.) His mother was Rattling Blanket Woman (born 1814). Rattling Blanket Woman was the daughter of Black Buffalo and White Cow (also known as Iron Cane). Black Buffalo is famous for stopping Lewis and Clark on the Bad River. Rattling Blanket Woman was the younger sister of Lone Horn (born between 1790 and 1795, and died in 1875) and also of Good Looking Woman (born 1810). Her younger sister was named Looks At It (born 1815), later given the name They Are Afraid of Her. Crazy Horse’s cousin (son of Lone Horn) was Touch the Clouds. He saved his life at least once and was with Crazy Horse when he died. It has been claimed Crazy Horse’s mother was Minneconju and the sister of Spotted Tail, who was a Brule head chief.

In the summer of 1844, Waglula (Worm) went on a buffalo hunt. He came across a Minneconjou Lakota village under attack by Crow warriors. He led his small party of warriors to the village and rescued it. Corn, the head man of the village, had lost his wife in the raid. In gratitude he gave Waglula his two eldest daughters as wives: Iron Between Horns (age 18) and Kills Enemy (age 17). Corn’s youngest daughter, Red Leggins, who was 15 at the time, requested to go with her sisters; all became Waglula’s wives.

[Source: Wikipedia]

I bolded all the names for you. I think “Good Looking Woman” sounds like a good name.

What my Chinese name meant in Japanese

Well nobody really explained to me why my name is chosen for me. At the later age, I have made the assumption that it probably is a good name and I just have to trust whoever gave me the name, that would be my grandfather. My Chinese name would mean something like ‘good’ and ‘great’, maybe my grandfather can’t decide between the two.

I got particularly interested how my Chinese name would be read in Japanese as a Kanji.


  • 嘉 means “applaud”, “esteem” or “praise”. When used in context, it typically means good and is pronounced as ‘ka’.
  • 偉 means “admirable”, “conceited” or “excellent”. When used in context, it typically means greatness and is pronounced as ‘i’ or ‘erai’.

(Source: Jisho.org)

SourceForge changes name to Geeknet

Here’s the news:

SourceForge, Inc. Changes its Name to Geeknet, Inc.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, Nov. 4, 2009 – SourceForge, Inc. (NASDAQ: LNUX) today announced that it has changed its name to Geeknet, Inc. to more accurately reflect the company’s business and the growing market it serves. The name change also supports the company’s intention to expand the reach of its online advertising services into new categories.

“Renaming the company Geeknet is the latest step in our rapid transformation,” said Scott L. Kauffman, President & CEO of Geeknet. “Our new name is a more accurate articulation of our business. With Geeknet as our calling card on Madison Avenue, we are now able to clearly define the audience we serve and more effectively capture the business opportunity that we are addressing.”

The Geeknet network, which includes SourceForge, Slashdot, ThinkGeek and Ohloh, among others, serves a global community of nearly 40 million geeks each month. These tech-savvy professionals and enthusiasts are affluent, well-educated and command significant spending power. (Source: Geeknet)

SourceForge is a more widely known name as compared to Geeknet. I don’t really see how it would be better to change the company name to Geeknet.