The past week, earned 14 cents

I just realized that the past week… My Google ads earn me 14 cents. Not most encouraging I guess. Hopefully things will get better. Maybe I haven’t placed enough ads around my blog. Okay here’s one:


By the way, do not click on ads that you’re not interested. I know some people are being nice and wanted to help me to earn some money but I don’t really need the money actually. It’s not the right way of showing support. I much prefer people to comment.

My next-block neighbor has TV so huge I can watch from my house

Some people are just too rich. The family that stays next block had their kids enjoying Nickelodeon or something on a TV dimension so huge I can’t describe. And it’s not a projection TV, it’s a big-ass TV.

There was this one time I actually had the thought of signing up for cable. A couple of reasons that I didn’t – I probably won’t watch as much and it’s probably a distraction. Now I can add a new reason – I can just watch from my window.