What the news?

Was reading this Channel News Asia article and found it slightly amusing:

SINGAPORE: A Bangladeshi cleaner was on Wednesday sentenced to 27 months’ imprisonment for cheating his fellow countrymen of their work permits.

Fellow countrymen? Can news get more poetic than this?

Shobhan Haider Rupu Ayoub Ali, 29, admitted to 30 counts of cheating in January this year. Prosecution proceeded on eight charges.

I never understood this really. So he cheated 30 times but he’s charged 8 times? So what’s the charge again?

Shobhan’s modus operandi was to deceive fellow Bangladeshi workers that he had jobs for them at Marriott Hotel.

Latin? Argh! I have to check the dictionary for modus operandi. Usage of Latin in news should be deemed actus reus (a prohibited act). (Hey, at least I bothered to explain yea?)

The cleaner would ask the victims for their work permits in order to exchange them for security passes at the hotel.

Oh! So the story is that the cleaner get hold of their work permits and sell it? This just isn’t clear in the beginning of the news article!

Court documents showed that he sold a total of 30 work permits for S$2,500 to another man in the Kallang area.

Ah okay, so now the numbers tally. His 30 counts of cheating comes from selling away 30 work permits illegally? Wait, what? He sold it to another man in Kallang? When’s the first man mentioned? Was he from Joo Chiat?

Shobhan could have been jailed up to 10 years and fined.

Warning of the severity of the crime that will benefit none of Channel News Asia’s targeted audiences. That’s just an odd article. I generally found Channel News Asia articles both too short and hard to digest. I might have better luck reading from the bottom. Maybe I should go back to reading picture books.

“Integration” buzzword in news media

SINGAPORE: The buzzword in the news media world appears to be “integration”, which involves one newsroom providing content across different platforms.

And that’s what Media experts from all over the world including the US, Germany and Hong Kong have been discussing at a two-day conference in Singapore.

Said Dr Chitra Rajaram, director of MediaCorp NewsHub: “…In any integration I think (the challenge is) change. So change in many forms. Change is very hard for people. People have been doing the same thing for the longest time. So to come together and think differently – different workflows, different ways of writing stories, different ways of putting it out together. I think all these are change elements that we have to take into account.” (Source: Channel News Asia)

“Integration” is the new buzzword? But integrate what sort of things? If what they are planning is to integrate Twitter and blogs right into a daily news digest, it’s probably not going to work. All these blogs and Twitter, to me, are just distractions to news reporting. What’s need, however, is better article organization. News has so much more value if every name is tagged to a person, every event happening is tagged to a GPS location, every minute is properly timestamped. Blogs and Twitter are secondaries to return user opinion in a news article. Metadata such as persons involved, GPS locations and time are used to facilitate the retrieval of such mentions. Citizen opinions can be bias, news reporters ought to know better. I feel news reporting can go back to being just news reporting. News websites just have to get smarter.

And regarding newspapers? Milk the cash while it last. It’s going to evolve. Our consumption habits are changing. I see news delivered directly in the decline and news delivered through social mediums via recommendations the uprising trend. With a single recommendation, I would like to find out more and that is when I read news. I don’t poke around a news website to find news to read; I am directed via instinct and recommendations to find out more.

Just my 75 cents.

The Little Nyonya short clip falls short

Last Sunday there was this The Little Nyonya (小娘惹) short clip. You know the five minute one. My friend informed me about it and I told my mom. She glued herself to the screen fifteen minutes before commencement of the highly anticipated (yet extraordinary) short clip. Yet even the short clip falls short.

It’s just Yue Niang and Chen Xi at the train tracks. I don’t have much impression what they were doing already. It’s almost as if there was going to be a sub plot. And then Chen Xi and Yue Niang start speaking their minds which is kinda odd especially when the whole thing start becoming third person.

Chen Xi (Qi Yi Wu) and Yue Niang (Ou Xuan) together

(Chen Xi (Qi Yi Wu) and Yue Niang (Ou Xuan) together.)

And Chen Xi and Yue Niang starts to thank the viewers for watching. What? Oh, no thank you! Seriously have a better closing feature. Don’t rewrite the ending because that’s just lame, I can always imagine fan fiction for alternate endings. Show something that’s not shown.

Oh yeah, and stop the pregnant “The Little Nyonya” wife whose husband lies on the tummy to hear the baby’s excitement advertisement. Nobody gets that advertisement. It was cute the first time, only annoying the subsequent time. It’s been on telly for a week playing that The Little Nyonya tune with absolutely nothing to show. It’s such a shame. It’s time to move on to something else already.

My thoughts after watching The Little Nyonya (小娘惹)

The previous Monday was the last episode of The Little Nyonya (小娘惹). I was watching it with my mom. I watch about 30% of the whole series, I either overslept, too tired, too busy or too pek chek. (“Pek chek” is the feeling of frustration, typically arising from the fact that there isn’t much that can be done to alleviate a problem.)

The Little Nyonya Mediacorp

(The Little Nyonya by Mediacorp.)

The Little Nyonya is the most pek chek series I ever watch. Right next to Lost which is really pek chek ’cause I have to wait months for the next season. I often bring my netbook and sit on the sofa to watch with her when I have the time. And when things get a little too pek chek, I enjoy some juice from my fridge while someone’s crying on television.

The series tells of Peranakan culture which is quite refreshing. A good detour from the typical Mediacorp Singapore dramas that involves a bunch of crazy folks and neighbors, a cute (in a smart-ass way) but helpless kid and some references to national education. What happen to the Mediacorp stock characters? Oh oh, I know the answer to this one – they’re all compacted in the next drama of Reunion Dinner (团圆饭). I yawned twice on the first day. The second day I yawned before the show starts and went to bed.

Just today my mom was saying the finale was terrible. “Thought you say nice?” Mom: “Bad ending.”

Chen Xi (Qi Yi Wu) and Yue Niang (Ou Xuan) together

{[Yue Niang (Ou Xuan) and Chen Xi (Qi Yi Wu) together.] * 1}

Huh? I thought the ending was a good one? Well it wasn’t fantastically beautiful I guess but it was still a good ending, no? My mom wants to see Chen Xi (Qi Yi Wu) and Yue Niang (Ou Xuan) together and at the last few episodes she still wants to see them together. I keep telling her if they get together, I’d fire the scriptwriter.

If you ask me at the middle of the drama, I would say it would be great to see them together but as it reaches to the end and with all the plot unfolding, the chance of Yue Niang becoming the wife of Chen Xi is almost negligible. In fact, it would be rather uncharacteristic of Yue Niang to be with Chen Xi as it would be snatching her sister’s husband (even though they probably divorce or something). Yue Niang’s character has always been consistently self-sacrificial (which is why I say it’s really pek chek) and at the end of the series it would be likely that she would sacrifice again and again. I am so prepared for the additional sacrifice I stock up my fridge with apple juice. Furthermore, putting them together would be like watching a Disney-style ending, it’s like watching Cinderella with Peranakan seasoning.

Disney Cinderella kiss

(Disney Cinderella style ending for The Little Nyonya?)

I looked at the ending as a good one, probably because I did not view The Little Nyonya as a love story. I view it as a story of a person. After all, it’s The Little Nyonya and not The Adorable Nyonya Couple. May I also add that mid-series I actually thought The Pek Chek Show would’ve been a much apt title. I think ultimately, The Little Nyonya delivered. Whether it is the desired ending or not isn’t much of an issue. It’s the story of her, as the scriptwriter portrays. I think he or she did a good job.

However I am disappointed that The Little Nyonya felt a little rush with several unaddressed plot developments such as:

  • What happen during the fire? How did Yue Niang escape?
  • What happen to Liu Yi Dao? (By the way, that’s one of my favorite characters, hahaa…)
  • What happen to Yue Niang’s husband? I know he wasn’t shown because they couldn’t find an old caucasian dude who resembles the younger actor but still…
  • What happen to Yue Niang’s family? I know they moved into the house and then? (Oh by the way, seeing a bunch of old folks looking at the house like it’s heaven is really funny. I laughed, sorry.)
  • What happen to Chen Xi and Libby? Perhaps more coverage would be good after all much of the series focuses on developing Chen Xi’s character.

I don’t think there would be a next season, they practically killed of all characters to begin a new season. A parallel plot is possible but it’s untested in Singapore dramas (correct me if I’m wrong). Perhaps a single hour sub plot would be good to revisit the familiar characters and address some of the questions above. A spring festival special perhaps?

Day 0 to 2 of BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia

Here’s Sony preparing for Sony HDNA booth at BroadcastAsia 2008 at day 0. Everything’s pretty messed up at BroadcastAsia at day 0. Just one day to build up everything. Hurry hurry hurry!

Day Zero of BroadcastAsia

Sony HDNA booth at BroadcastAsia 2008

Egripment BV and idoit preparing:

Egripment BV and idoit preparing

I took the above picture because of ‘idoit’. Look what look? Got upskirt? Where?

Look what look got what things to look up at

So late still have the carpet undone? Jia you ba…

No time already time to go home for me

Actual BroadcastAsia event

Panasonic presents their P2HD bar complete with hunk babes and motorcycles. I like the lamp post. P2HD for the win! Just wondering how much money is put in for this:

Panasonic builds a whole bar complete with hunk babes and motorcycles

Oh the whole bar setup deserves another shot:

Panasonic builds a whole bar complete with hunk babes and motorcycles 2

Sony – I must not be outdone! Studio shot for the win!

Full Sony HDNA set up

Full Sony HDNA set up. Sony brought almost all their studio and hi definition products, even Sony Vegas Pro is there. No consumer products sighted. Not to be outdone, Panasonic brought the world largest 103 inch 1080p HD plasma display.

Panasonic brought the world largest 103 inch 1080p HD plasma display

The televisions depict confused people in lifts. It’s conveys the message well. Canon decides to get women to talk about racing cars. Continue reading “Day 0 to 2 of BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia”

MOBTV not compatible with my computer

I was testing things out on MOBTV recently and my computer is apparently not compatible. It claims that I have an older version of Windows Media Player.

We have detected an older version of Windows Media Player on your computer which might not be compatible with MOBTV services.

Please click on the link to upgrade it to the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Please click next to proceed to the next check after you have completed the upgrade.

I’m pretty sure I have the latest version – Windows Media Player 11. It came pre-installed with Windows Vista. These are the things that turn people away.

And I hate to see that uppercase the word MOBTV.