McDonald’s Feast of Fury didn’t come with panda meat

Got cheated by McDonald’s again. I have the tendency of wanting to try something new. And each time McDonald’s roll out something different and brand it with the word new I’ll just walk in knowingly and stupidly and order whatever that’s on their promotion poster.

Kung Fu Panda Feast of Fury. No idea how pandas and spicy food are related but it didn’t matter I guess. I, the silly consumer, just bought a meal. Thought feast of fury would have some panda meat or something. They serve chicken. Cold.

Here’s how it look like. For a great price of 7 bucks, you get 6 spicy nuggets and possibly 8 onion rings. You will trade your fries for the 8 onion rings for trying’s sake.

Miserable quantity. The food is pretty good though. I enjoyed it for less than 10 minutes. Finish the food within ten.

McGriddles Sausage and egg

I went out of my house only to receive a message stating that no one is at the company. So I went to McDonald’s to have some food. I rarely have breakfast. Anyway I decide to give McGriddles Sausage and egg a try since it look so good from the advertisements.

Well, it looks like this in reality:

McGriddles Sausage and egg


Looks much better in the advertisements:

McGriddles breakfast advertisement

McGriddles is okay, although I would personally prefer McMuffin ’cause McGriddles taste a little too sweet for my liking. I guess I didn’t like sweet tasting breads. It tastes like hotcakes with the sausage McMuffin fillings. If you stay undecided if hotcakes or McMuffin should be your breakfast, consider McGriddles, you kill 2 breads with one stone.

But it’s not as bad as KFC where the staff, I suspect, made little attempt to make their food resemble the ads. My food always look kinda sad when I open it up. And they have a proportion problem too. Food in KFCs ads look bigger. I say those actors in KFC ads have smaller hands. Then they place all the ingredients at the direction where the camera is facing. If you take a picture from behind, there probably is no fillings there.

Went around trying different food

I got bored of McDonalds’ and the pretty-girl cafeteria and junk food actually.

Ate something different today – zong zai fun. There is this nice lady selling it at the Bukit Batok area and I bought the food from her stall a couple of times.

Zong Zai Fun

Quite filling too. Something different. Placed a lot of chilli there as you can see, hahaa… Happy lunching.

On a side note, there is this old man who always brings his dog down at noon time. Always wanted to ask the old man if I could take a picture of his dog. I actually intended to ask today, but… his dog is not around. Another day I guess.

Fruits are good meal replacements

Fruits are really cheap. I always thought they’re expensive and when I visit the local stores to get some juices, I can’t help noticing the price. I thought apples are two dollars actually. I think I have a totally incorrect view of the local fruits market.

Apples, oranges and more

Delicious and healthy. Maybe I can consider them replacing my lunch. I usually have pastas, sandwiches or some chicken thingy for lunch. They’re a little boring and Ridz and I decided to have McDonalds’ last week. We just thought, “hey let’s have something different instead.” I guess we got bored of the cafeteria.