Not good not good, not enough time

Ahh… My math test is tomorrow and I don’t think I can finish studying it. I am picking questions to study already, even then I am not able to do the workings fast enough. Stressed onion emoticon

I guess I probably won’t do well in math. Probably a pass since it’s actually pretty hard to fail. You have to try really really hard to fail an exam at my university. The passing grade is 35 I think. Someone lecturer even told me it’s 30. I think they set the standards too low already. I guess they want everyone to pass.

My examinations are not too far away

Looking at the list below makes me a little nervous.

Examinations are coming

  • Mathematics For Computing (6 May)
  • Information Systems: Foundations of E-Business (9 May)
  • Introduction to Computing and the Internet (12 May)
  • Introduction to Java and object-oriented programming (15 May)

There are just so many things to study and I don’t know where to begin actually.

I haven’t actually started to read through the stuff that’s coming out for examinations. I don’t really have a lot of time to do that. I think I’m getting a little stressed with my work too. I wonder if I’ll be able to get through this and still get the good results and the produce good work. I still have another concern though and that concern is perhaps the most troubling.