Malaysian Prime Minister admits US$700 million in his account

This is an embarrassment for Malaysia:

“Then I asked why was it transferred to your accounts?… Why did it enter Najib Razak’s accounts? How much money? US$700 million.

“If you multiply that by three point something…2.6 billion goes into his personal account. He said this, he admitted,” Muhyiddin said in the leaked video.

The video ends abruptly after Muhyiddin says, “so I said why did you put into your personal account”.

Source: In leaked video, Muhyiddin says Najib admitted RM2.6 billion in his accounts – The Malaysian Insider

Gender segregation in Malaysia criticized

Oh this is funny, men and women sitting separating in New Year’s eve countdown celebration has been criticized.

Gender segregation bid at New Year do slammed

GEORGE TOWN: The Kedah government has come under fire for trying to impose gender segregation at its state-level New Year’s eve countdown celebration in Sungai Petani.

Kedah MCA chairman Datuk Chong Itt Chew said he received many complaints from revellers who were unhappy that men and women were “advised” to sit separately during the gathering near the clock tower at Jalan Ibrahim.

He said a large LED screen had displayed words advising couples not to sit together but to sit in the arrangement which segregated men and women.

“I don’t know what is the motive of the organisers. They should respect the sensitivity of non-Muslims,” he added.

Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak said there was nothing wrong with men and women sitting separately.

He said such a move could avoid problems such as pick-pocketing and indecent behaviour.

Azizan said the gender segregation was merely a suggestion and nobody was forced to comply with it. [Source: The Star]

How would gender segregation, particularly, pick-pocketing. Is this applying that, statistically, it is more likely to have pick-pockets targeting the opposite gender?

KL Monorail

Here’s KL Monorail. Took the monorail from Bukit Bintang area to Crowne Plaza. It is clean and pretty comfortable. If you bring a book to read or a laptop to update your blog or play games on during your journey, you won’t even notice time go by. Try KL Monorail next time! They’ve really done a good job at making public transportation easy and affordable.

(KL Monorail.)

Last time I go to KL I took Rapid KL I think. It’s a short train service that looks like a bus on tracks. Looks energy efficient to me.

Mas Selamat reportedly arrested in Malaysia

Not much information except this:

Singapore’s JI leader Mas Selamat reportedly arrested in Malaysia

SINGAPORE: Mas Selamat Kastari, Singapore’s Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) leader who escaped from Whitley Road Detention Centre last year, has reportedly been arrested in Malaysia.

Mas Selamat gave his guards the slip while he was being taken to the toilet at the detention centre on 27 February 2008. (Source: CNA)

Did you know today is lantern festival?

Well, today is Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵节) also known as Lantern Festival. It’s something that China celebrates and Singapore doesn’t because we combined them and celebrate it on this mid-autumn festival somehow. I don’t know how that came to our traditions. Lantern festival is celebrated as it is the first night (15th on lunar calendar) of the year with a full moon.

The Lantern Festival (traditional Chinese: 元宵節; simplified Chinese: 元宵节; pinyin: Yuánxiāojié or traditional Chinese: 上元節; simplified Chinese: 上元节; pinyin: Shàngyuánjié; Vietnamese: Tết Nguyên tiêu; Hán tự: 節元宵) is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar year in the Chinese calendar. It is not to be confused with the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also sometimes known as the “Lantern Festival” in locations such as Singapore, Malaysia. During the Lantern Festival, children go out at night to temples carrying paper lanterns (simplified Chinese: 兔子灯; traditional Chinese: 兔子燈; pinyin: tùzidēng) and solve riddles on the lanterns (simplified Chinese: 猜灯谜; traditional Chinese: 猜燈謎; pinyin: cāidēngmí). It officially ends the Chinese New Year. (Source: Wikipedia)

I guess most would be having a good meal at home. This day marks the end of lunar new year, I hope my friends would have a good year ahead. Happy lunar new year, one last time!

I ate two products with melamine

I recently ate these 2 food that contains mild contents of melamine. I ate Julie’s Wheat Crackers and Julie’s Peanut Butter sandwich biscuit. They contain 0.7 to 0.26 ppm and 4.9 ppm to 23.4 ppm respectively. They won’t kill an adult but it sure doesn’t feel too good after I read that.

Julies Wheat Crackers

(Julie’s Wheat Crackers.)

Julies Peanut Butter sandwich biscuit

(Julie’s Peanut Butter sandwich biscuit.)

I generally feel that no one should be panicking like my mom. She thinks the world is going to end one day due to poisons in food. I corrected her by announcing, “the world will not end due to food poisoning; we’ll just poison our environment and we all die anyway.” I smirked. She gave me a confused look. “Well,” I sighed, “never mind.”

Here’s some information disseminated by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore:

What is melamine?

Melamine is a chemical rich in nitrogen that is used in making plastics, glues and whiteboards. It was implicated in the recent cases of contaminated milk and milk products from China.

Are milk and milk products in Singapore safe?

Milk and milk products sold in Singapore are safe for consumption.

AVA has suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China since 19 September 2008. Retailers and importers have been instructed to recall these products and these products will be withheld from sale.

Local food manufacturers have also been instructed to cease the use of milk and milk products from China as ingredients. Consignments which have newly arrived or are on the way will also be withheld from sale.

Why is it that only the “Julie’s” brand of biscuits have been recalled?

As a precautionary measure, all “Julie’s” brand biscuits are required to be withdrawn from sale. This is because 12 of the 17 affected biscuits that were just detected are “Julie’s” brand of biscuits. (Source: AVA Singapore, PDF file)

Well anyway, if you do have one of these Julie’s biscuit, you are advise not to consume it, to see a full list of food that contain melamine, click on Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore’s the PDF link.