Better never than late

I’m frustrated with courier services. They haven’t been as punctual as I hope for.

They give a time range, nine to twelve, where I woke specially to prepare for a delivery. I stayed and waited.

And waited. (x100)

It’s half-past-damn-twelve and my package did not arrive. If they claim they would come between 9 to 12, I expect them to come at around 10:30 by rule of averaging. I can’t wait any longer and I’m leaving to 24seven office right now.

This is not the first time this particular delivery is missed. I hope one day courier services would at least send an SMS to inform me that they cannot make it or something.

Tripod and Lycos Mail going to shut down

I had my first web page placed online on Tripod. The then Tripod offer something like 6 MB I think, back then where there weren’t many free things on the internet, it was magical. I never understood the generosity of commercial establishments that time, and I couldn’t understand why would anybody click on the advertisements. But all good things come to an end, Tripod is to be closed. So is Lycos Mail. I remember I had Lycos Mail somewhere.

Lycos To Shutter Lycos Mail, Tripod On February 15

Troubled Internet company Lycos is shutting down its email service and website creation and hosting service Tripod, the company is saying via emails to users that begin with “We regret to inform you that our parent company has decided to discontinue all unprofitable activities.” Both services will be discontinued as of February 15 2009.

Both were early Internet services but have languished under heavy competition from better known and better financed rivals. Tripod has actually been around since 1992, and was bought by Lycos for a reported $58 million in 1998.

A new version of Lycos Mail was released in August 2006, but Comscore says it has less than half a million worldwide users and it’s nowhere near the top ten mail providers, which each have more than ten million users. (Source: TechCrunch)

By the way, my tripod site is still there by the way, with much of the layout already broken since I am using Google Chrome. I opened up the source and look at how I code things. And I actually used div tags and style sheets. That played a part for me in learning HTML. So how do you learn your HTML?

Why I hate reading formal letters

I have a pile of letters coming in from banks, insurance and school. I’m just leaving it there on my letter tray. I glance at them every day and blissfully ignore them. I especially hate it when they wrote a bunch of text for formality’s sake when all they want to say is: “Look, you need to pay XXX GBP263, do it before October or else.”

Cut the corporate crap, just go straight to the point. Or underline the main point or something. I’m always left transcoding from Formal to Human.

I wish they would just email me in a couple of sentence. Save those papers; I am not an accounting major. Kthxbai!