Lost returns early next year

Lost returns end-January next year, I’ve been waiting for this!

LOST – Jack & Ben Season Five Sneak Peek

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Lost: The Musical (Parody)

Lost The Musical is a Lost parody skit presented by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on January 13th 2006, mocking both LOST and the perceived tendency to capitalize on the success of any phenomenon by transforming it into a musical. Also, Evangeline Lilly was a guest on that episode.

Recently I’ve been into Lost. I said it was crap back then but now I have to eat my words. I am liking it. Pity I reached the finale of Lost season 4 already and have to wait till coming February 2009 for Lost season 5.

The central theme of Lost is more than a bunch of folks trying to survive a plane crash. The island itself has some special properties, sloowly slooowly revealed as time goes by. J.J. Abrams, one of the creators of this hit series, is also responsible for Cloverfield. Lost comes with alternate reality games, jigsaw puzzles and web sites. That won many fan. (Citation not need.)

Feeling lost while returning home

Been out the entire day. I wanted to walk around the city alone a little longer actually. Thought I look around a little more, but my mind went wondering to begin a reflection process. Feeling lost, I head home.

I think I have changed a lot since the polytechnic days and it’s not really the way I want it.

I keep thinking “if I were to do things differently, I would have so and so…” but everything’s stuck the way it is. Past cannot be altered.

My personality seemed malleable, changing from occasion to occasion, different periods of the year I’m in different ‘personalities’.

I am starting to feel I lack a distinct personality and that I just sort of “went with the flow” because things appear to be working (so far).

But what if I am wrong?

[Ignore this post…]