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My disk got full

I just realized I totally used up my disk space in my slice:

briecheese ~: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start
[sudo] password for me: 
 * /etc/init.d/mysql: ERROR: The partition with /var/lib/mysql is too full!

It has never occurred to me that this would happen. I start to do some clearing up and delete some backups that I no longer need.

briecheese ~/www: df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1             9.4G  6.7G  2.3G  75% /
varrun                129M   40K  129M   1% /var/run
varlock               129M     0  129M   0% /var/lock
udev                  129M   16K  129M   1% /dev
devshm                129M     0  129M   0% /dev/shm
overflow              1.0M     0  1.0M   0% /tmp

I managed to free more than 2 Gb.

Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 significantly faster in Linux

Let’s face it, Firefox isn’t exactly the fastest browser around. In Linux it’s worse, in fact, Windows Firefox through Wine in Linux is faster than Linux Firefox.

Tuxradar benchmark Firefox 3.5 Beta 4′s performance and the results are very optimistic.

I use Firefox and Opera in Ubuntu and I prefer Opera in terms of speed but it just never felt quite like a native application in Ubuntu. Firefox just doesn’t appear as responsive sometimes.

E Text Editor has been opensourced, Linux version coming

E Text Editor has been opensourced. Linux version is expected too as E Text Editor blog reveals:

Releasing the Source

As of today, the source of the e text editor is being released. This is the first step in the transformation into an Open Company.

Note that this is not just handing the development over to the community. I am still, and will continue to be, the main developer. Development of the editor will continue and it will still be fully supported in the future.

What the release means is that you can never risk ending up with a product that is totally abandoned, that many more eyes will be there to find and remove bugs, that companies and individuals can themselves add features only they need for inhouse use and that the community can help speed up the development of e and hopefully free me up to work on the more innovative features (of which there are many in the planning stages).

Linux version

There has been many questions about whether the release of the source would make it possible to build a Linux version. The answer is yes. The source does build under Linux, it just needs a Linux version of the ecore library which will be released shortly.(Source: E Text Editor)

I tried a trial of E Text Editor before but it was a little buggy back then. This news do, however, made me smile.

The weakness of open-source projects

Note the difference between the way Apple and open-source community does things. GNOME is just not cool enough.

This is what Apple iChat looks like in one of Apple’s site:

Apple iChat user interface

Apple iChat user interface

Apple essentially have gotten some happy people in their screenshot. At least they look happy too me.

And this is how GNOME Empathy looks like as one of GNOME’s screenshots:

GNOME Empathy screenshot

GNOME Empathy screenshot

GNOME got 2 guys who appears not to have been that pleased with being selected for a screenshot demo. Granted both Apple and GNOME likes the racial diversity.

Open-source major weakness is with marketing, or rather the lack of. Now I really empathize…

Slam Ubuntu and feel the wrath of Ubuntu fans

This is what you get for slamming Ubuntu – a whole lot of comments and passionate Ubuntu fans going after you. But ultimately I think Ubuntu’s just not ready for people who do not want to change their habits. It’s largely different from Windows and there is no point persuading people to go Ubuntu just because it’s free. This is a response to the previous incident where a lady’s college dream was smash just because she can’t get internet working right in Ubuntu.

UPDATE: Thousands of viewer comments, phone calls about Ubuntu computer story

Ubuntu fans read our story and linked to it on Linux fan message boards and other technology blogs. By Thursday morning, several major technology websites featured WKOW’s article on their front pages.

That’s also when the comments – many of them angry, rude, and hateful – started pouring in.

Many Ubuntu users also wrote very personal attacks about the young lady who was having trouble using the operating system. They called her “lazy,” “a dumb girl,” and “not worthy of a college degree.”

The young woman also contacted 27 News to report she’s being harassed on her Facebook account by Ubuntu users.

This story has gotten so much attention, computer experts are calling us.

“They’re mad because it puts Ubuntu in a bad light,” said Adam Wiesenfarth, a technology consultant at UW-Madison.

“If you’re not a computer tinkerer, and you’re not willing to do research and digging, it may not be for you.”

Meanwhile, Dell contacted 27 News to say its representatives would contact the young woman to help her deal with her computer situation. (Source: WKOW)

I mainly use Windows Vista for my daily work because of Office 2007. I log on to Ubuntu sometimes to work on web development. And recently I installed Windows 7 for kicks. It’s prettier and I like the fact that now there is a shortcut key for maximize – Win+UpKey.

Ubuntu destroys college dream

Ubuntu destroys someone’s college dream:

US woman says Ubuntu can’t access internet

According to WKOW TV, Abbie Schubert recently ordered a Dell laptop, expecting “your classic bread-and-butter computer.” But when she unboxed the $1,100 machine that arrived, she didn’t find bread and butter. She found Ubuntu.

WKOW TV called Ubuntu “an operating system for your computer similar to Windows that runs off the Linux system.”

“It’s been a mess,” Schubert said. “I regret ordering the computer.”

She had never heard of Ubuntu. So she called Dell. Dell said there was still time to replace her Ubuntu. Then Dell told her not to. “The person I was talking to said Ubuntu was great, college students loved it, it was compatible with everything I needed,” she explained.

So she kept Ubuntu, then decided that Ubuntu doesn’t always work like Windows. Her Verizon internet wouldn’t load. She couldn’t install Microsoft Word. And she said without Word and the internet, she couldn’t take online classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

So she dropped out of the college’s fall and spring semesters. (Source: The Register)

She’s quite unresourceful it appears. First time I heard someone accidentally buying Linux. Never purchase a computer without knowing what you’re buying. Get a friend who at least know something.

How to enable Apache mod rewrite in Ubuntu

Actually this probably works for all Linux distributions with Apache 2. Okay enabling mod_rewrite is really easy, you just have to use a2enmod (Apache 2 enable module):

sudo a2enmod rewrite
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

To disable an Apache 2 module, you can run:

sudo a2dismod rewrite
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

That does the reverse.

With mod_rewrite enabled, you can use the .htaccess file.

By the way in your directory permissions, you must set AllowOverride to “all” like this:

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
AllowOverride all
Order allow,deny
allow from all

Hope it helps.