Yawn… Java is finally fully open

Okay, on less exciting new – Java is finally fully open and free and without any proprietary code.

This week the IcedTea Project reached an important milestone – The latest OpenJDK binary included in Fedora 9 (x86 and x86_64) passes the rigorous Java Test Compatibility Kit (TCK). This means that it provides all the required Java APIs and behaves like any other Java SE 6 implementation – in keeping with the portability goal of the Java platform. As of writing, Fedora 9 is the only operating system to include a free and open Java SE 6 implementation that has passed the Java TCK.

More at SoftWhere

Wow that took them really long, since 2006 they’ve been talking about this.

How to do a parseInt in…

Recently, due to my Java class, I’ve been typing parseInt() in my PHP code instead of intval().

Here is a compilation of all sorts of ways to parse string into integers:


[code lang=”php”]var $num = intval("0001");[/code]


[code lang=”javascript”]var num = parseInt("0001", 10);[/code]


[code lang=”java”]int num = Integer.parseInt("0001");[/code]

Apparently you need to type really long to parse stuff in Java.


[code lang=”python”]num = int("0001")[/code]


[code lang=”ruby”]num = "0001".to_i[/code]

Now that I suddenly remember them all, I decide to quickly write them all down. Because the next moment, I’ll forget them or mix them up again. Please correct me if I am wrong.

My examinations are not too far away

Looking at the list below makes me a little nervous.

Examinations are coming

  • Mathematics For Computing (6 May)
  • Information Systems: Foundations of E-Business (9 May)
  • Introduction to Computing and the Internet (12 May)
  • Introduction to Java and object-oriented programming (15 May)

There are just so many things to study and I don’t know where to begin actually.

I haven’t actually started to read through the stuff that’s coming out for examinations. I don’t really have a lot of time to do that. I think I’m getting a little stressed with my work too. I wonder if I’ll be able to get through this and still get the good results and the produce good work. I still have another concern though and that concern is perhaps the most troubling.