Porn broadcasted in Indonesia parliament

It turns out that pornography images has invaded the Indonesian parliament. The images were displayed for 15 minutes before officials switched off the screens. I guess 15 minutes is just in time for a quick one.

JAKARTA: Computer screens at the Indonesian parliament broadcast porn images in an incident that caused a shock among journalists and legislators, reports said on Tuesday.

The images were displayed for 15 minutes before officials switched off the screens.

“It’s not a funny incident,” Roy Suryo, a Democratic Party lawmaker, was quoted by the Globe as saying. “Someone must be held responsible for it.” (Source: Times of India)

Oh yes it’s funny. Just laugh it off. It’s no big deal Mr lawmaker. By the way, Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

When not to be a team player

It’s funny that after Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama, Powell is less talked about as a war criminal. He played a key role in the invasion of Iraq after all. His endorsement of Barack Obama appeared to have gained him some karma points or something. The internet loves him again.

To the question whether Obama is a Muslim, Powell stressed that Obama is not, but highlighted the real answer to the question is – so what if he is. Powell then publically endorsing Obama and expresses discontent toward the Republican party, that is his Republican party.

It is courageous of him to be able to stand up for what he believes in (and that meant the opposition). Unfortunately much of these were not shown back then when he presented the case for the invasion of Iraq. Powell later claims he spent 2 hours convincing Bush not to invade Iraq but what’s done been done.

Indonesian ISPs block YouTube and MySpace

Indonesian ISP to block YouTube and MySpace? Banning the whole portal just for one video is just like barring our Indonesians from entering Singapore just because one guy is a terrorist.

Indonesian ISPs Block YouTube And MySpace

Another day, another country blocks YouTube (and MySpace, for good measure). According to Gulfnews, five Indonesian ISPs have blocked, on government’s request, YouTube and MySpace because of an anti-Islam film Fitna, created by Dutch filmmaker Geert Wilders. Official ban reason: the movie ‘could disturb relations between faiths.‘

This is not the first time that Fitna has caused controversy; after being rejected by all Dutch TV stations, Wilders simply uploaded the file via LiveLeak. Continue reading “Indonesian ISPs block YouTube and MySpace”