There was someone named Sandwich

Just realized that there was someone named Sandwich and is possibly why our sandwiches are called ‘sandwiches’. He is John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich and below is, as always, an excerpt from Lord Sandwich’s Wikipedia entry. While Lord Sandwich himself did not invent sandwich, he provided a nice name for it. I can’t imagine calling ‘sandwiches’ something like ‘kahwees’.

The modern sandwich is possibly named after Lord Sandwich but not invented by him. However, the exact circumstances of the invention are still the subject of debate. A rumor in a contemporary travel book called Tour to London by Pierre Jean Grosley formed the popular myth that bread and meat sustained Lord Sandwich at the gambling table. The sober alternative is provided by Sandwich’s biographer, N.A.M. Rodger, who suggests Sandwich’s commitments to the navy, to politics and the arts mean the first sandwich was more likely to have been consumed at his desk.

It is also possible that Sandwich’s Grisons Republic born brother-in-law, Jerome de Salis, taught him about sandwiches. (Source: Wikipedia)

Lord Sandwich’s incompetence in the Admiralty was said to have undermined the seaworthy efforts in the American Revolutionary War.

Okay, sort of learnt something new today but I better close Wikipedia before Wikipedia consumes me. Hungry after all the reading.

Quick dinner at Changing Appetite

I was at Marina Square yesterday. Jerry organized a quick dinner. It’s been a while since we met. We’re all busy. There wasn’t a meeting time so I went at 6 and Jerry went at 7. Thanks a lot.

I met my personal hero Pikachu yesterday and I couldn’t resist taking a picture:

Pokemon at Marina Square

Either my camera hates the rest of the Pokémon or Jesus is right in the center.

We follows Charles to Changing Appetite. He likes the food there, especially the cheese. I order some chicken, cheese, pita thingy which name has been erased from my memory.

Chicken Cheese and Pita at Changing Appetite

It taste okay. I was recommended the pizza but I had pizza almost every alternate day and I figured I really should change (appetite). It was a good meal. I don’t really like the onions, they taste raw some how. It try to not leave leftovers on my plate but onions always are an exception. And ginger too.

We went there on Tuesday and they had some promotions there, cakes at half price. The deal is better than the food. Changing Appetite is located in Marina Square first floor, it’s not easy to find. Food are at affordable prices, female crews are friendly, male crew spoke in English I don’t understand.