Google fixes Hotmail for Chrome users

If you’re a Chrome user like me and my money plant, you’d probably notice how Hotmail just don’t work with Google Chrome. It always piss me so bad when I see a mail I can’t reply. If I don’t reply your mail, it’s really not my fault (innocent), it’s Hotmail’s fault. Anyway, that excuse can no longer be used.

Issue 19025: Add support for UA spoofing, and spoof Safari’s UA string when loading URLs… (Closed)

Add support for UA spoofing, and spoof Safari’s UA string when loading URLs
from * (to fix hotmail).

Chrome fixed it by spoofing Safari, now Hotmail works. Hooray for Chrome!

Hotmail has a new user interface

BUT it doesn’t work well in my browser. I couldn’t reply, I couldn’t get back to the inbox once I click on a message. The whole thing is just a disaster for me and I don’t know how to change it back. Seems like Microsoft is pushing this update batch by batch to their users.

Here’s a screenshot of the new interface:

Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail does not play well with Firefox

(Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail does not play well with Firefox.)

Of course, it worked for Internet Explorer but…

Anyhow, I should note that I do like the cleaner design. The new calendar is better too. And the contacts. Everything’s better… if and only if it works.

[By the way, there is still a huge wide advertisement slapped above the mail interface. I just crop it away because it is an advertisement.]

What KahWee tweeted on 2008-08-09

  • Happy Birthday Singapore! #
  • Holy crap, Hotmail Ajax just worked in my Firefox. It used not to the past many months. #
  • Meanwhile looked totally fucked. #
  • @echoz Hey, this is kahwee here, using Slicehost too. #
  • @limyh You should look at it using Safari too, that’s what I call fucked. It only worked with Internet Explorer now. #
  • WordPress 2.7 coming out with plugin uninstall API. I don’t trust developers handling uninstallers, haha #
  • @limyh Hmmm, as with WordPress release trends, probably early November? They yet to set a definite date. #
  • @uzyn: youcanhasmodafinil! #
  • @plaktoz It’s kinda funny and weird at the same time. #