My trip to Taiwan

I doubt I will have time to put up what happened in Taiwan as much as I would like to. There’s just too much commitment here.

I do miss writing personal experiences, though. I might be getting more boring as I grow older.

The Taiwan trip has been great, filled with experiences I can never get from Singapore. I traveled with my brother and my cousin this time. Our differences made scheduling a itinerary a challenge; nevertheless we did achieve our personal vacation objectives generally. We went to Taipei and stayed in the Ximending area (Ximen station).

I will post pictures when I am free.

My absence in Singapore from 17 May to 22 May has caused trouble, still the thought of returning and facing these issues dampens my mood.

It’s Labor Day!

It’s 1:38 AM in the morning. I am doing some work but since it’s Labor Day. I should stop and rest right?

Right. Okay, I’m going to bed already.

Today is a special individual’s birthday by the way. It’s almost like this Labor Day is made for him. Happy Birthday friend! And to the rest – have a good rest. It’s this day of the year that everyone has an excuse not to work even as work – both school work and work work – piles up. Happy holidays.