How to install GNOME in Ubuntu Server

After installing Ubuntu Server, you can be in dismay when you are greeted with a command prompt. It’s the 21st century and let’s not act tough that the terminal in the coolest thing. It really isn’t unless you want to show it off to your pals. (On an absolutely unrelated note: Don’t bother flexing your terminal skills to girls, they get impressed with your nerd culture and your coolness drop to -10.)

Okay let’s install some graphical user interface for humans alright. If you want to install GNOME in Ubuntu Server or the Cloud Enterprise Server, you can. And here is how to do it:

[code lang=”bash”]sudo apt-get install –no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop[/code]

The no-install-recommends command begins with 2 dashes but WordPress gets hungry and ate one of them so be sure to correct that when typing.

If you leave out the “no-install-recommends” option, Ubuntu installs software such as They’re basically things I don’t want in a server. This is useful when you want a user interface but do not want things like games etc.. All these programs makes Ubuntu feel “unclean” for me. My preferred method of installing Ubuntu is always to use the Server edition and then install the GNOME interface with the above code.

The weakness of open-source projects

Note the difference between the way Apple and open-source community does things. GNOME is just not cool enough.

This is what Apple iChat looks like in one of Apple’s site:

Apple iChat user interface
Apple iChat user interface

Apple essentially have gotten some happy people in their screenshot. At least they look happy too me.

And this is how GNOME Empathy looks like as one of GNOME’s screenshots:

GNOME Empathy screenshot
GNOME Empathy screenshot

GNOME got 2 guys who appears not to have been that pleased with being selected for a screenshot demo. Granted both Apple and GNOME likes the racial diversity.

Open-source major weakness is with marketing, or rather the lack of. Now I really empathize…