Google Buzz is gaining good traction

Google Buzz is gaining good traction, as reported by TechCrunch:

2 Days Of Buzz: 9 Million Posts And Comments. 200 Posts Per Minute From Mobile. And Security Fixes.

Just two days in and Google is already sharingsome Google Buzz stats and improvements. Notably, the company says that there are already “tens of million of people” checking out Buzz, and that 9 million posts and comments have been created in these first two days. They’re also seeing over 200 posts per minute from mobile phones. But amid the huge usage, Google is getting a lot of criticism for the way Buzz is currently implemented. The good news is that they appear to be listening and quickly responding. (Source: TechCrunch)

The “tens of million of people” are probably puzzled why is this in their email. If Gmail is email and Google Buzz is in Gmail, then Google Buzz essentially, erm, email. The distinction between email, instant messaging and microblogging has been blurred.

Have Google Buzz? Buzz me.

New smartphone from INQ

Have a look at the new INQ mobile:

INQ mobile
INQ mobile

What’s striking asides the scarlet back is the strong focus on integration with social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. Now you can stay connected with your pals where ever you are. INQ mobile also added push Gmail and iTunes synchronization recently, a very welcome addition to the already feature-packed phone. INQ also supports multitasking, the change in icon during incoming messages, friend requests and updates is a nice touch.

Here’s Walt Mossberg opinion on the INQ “facebook” phone:

Walt Mossberg & Katherine Boehret about the “facebook phone”

The INQ is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera that’s perfect of capturing candid moments of your friends and share them to Facebook before they can stop you. INQ positions itself as a simple yet feature-rich device to keep you connected to your social circle. The simplicity becomes evident as they chose not to ship a manual and instead have a Help Cards section of their website which guides you on the features of INQ rather than teaches you how to find or use them.

Attractive prizes can be won if you spare some time to check out the blog posts on INQ mobile here:,,,,,,,, holly– and

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I go Gmail to look for quotations

I like looking at quotations and it’s so hard to find a good one that suits my current situation. Gmail is a great with their little feed thing on the top. I’m too lazy to screenshot it but it’s there unless you had yours disabled.

The feed thingy syndicate a couple of quote-of-the-day RSS files. I found several good quotes there. A pretty good way to discover quotations.

One-fifth of U.S. shows no love to email

I’m surprised that so many people actually use email. If it’s 18% that didn’t use email, it’s about 82% using email. Are that many people using email? No, but they used email before.

It would be interesting if the number of emails sent per day can be tracked somehow. I think the number of emails sent per day, per person, would be declining.

20% of U.S. Has Never Sent E-mail

A recent phone survey of U.S. households by Parks found 20 million households are without Internet access, approximately 18 percent of all U.S. households.

“Nearly one out of three household heads has never used a computer to create a document,” said John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates, in a statement. “These data underscore the significant digital divide between the connected majority and the homes in the unconnected minority that rarely, if ever, use a computer.”

Age and education are factors in this divide, Park found. One-half of those who have never used e-mail are over 65, and 56 percent had no schooling beyond high school. (Source: PC World)

Why I don’t like email

My email is full of spam and even with the Gmail mail spam filters, some spam still get through. Email is too vulnerable to spam. There’s this saying that the internet is created by a bunch of good people and they haven’t thoroughly thought about how their protocols can be possibly abused – it’s true.

Especially today when developers are so eager in pushing out new products just to be the first, sometimes they missed out tiny little details and made the product exploitable by people with ill intentions.