On the dismissal of Google Reader

On one hand I’m tremendously shocked that Google would end a service that people relied on so much, and the other they do have the right to terminate anything that they are giving out for free.

The “Don’t be evil” argument is not even remotely related this so people who bring this up time and again are just whiners, or worse.

Google Reader has been in my Chrome most visited website for years and I would faithfully just click on it when I’m bored to see the list of content providers whose RSS I have subscribed to.

It does make me have lesser faith on Google services though. When would they call an end to life for Gmail perhaps? Will I continue to use free web services? Yes, only to get scalded once more.

Adobe Flex Builder 3 is now free for unemployed developers!

Now this is call software stimulus package:

Adobe® Flex™ Builder 3 Professional for unemployed developers

Adobe Flex Builder 3 software is currently available for free for software developers who are affected by the current economic condition and are currently unemployed.

Program eligibility:

To receive the product under this program, you must attest to the fact that you are currently unemployed and that the software will be used only for your personal use not for any production or commercial purposes.

I attest that the following statements are true:

  1. I am not currently employed or being paid to develop software applications or web pages
  2. Adobe Flex Builder 3 Software I receive under this program is for my personal use to learn about Adobe Flex and improve my skills
  3. My license to use Flex Builder 3 under this program will not be used for production or commercial purposes, nor will it be transferred to any other person or entity, including to my employer should I become employed.

Get it free here.

With all the negative gripes I have with Adobe, I am surprised to see this one.

AVG Free 8 installs useless crap, thanks!

I use AVG Free on my Windows XP virtual machine. I installed 3 Windows XP the past 2 days and I am damn familiar with installing antivirus software AVG after a while. I always customize my installations and AVG forces me to install AVG Safe Search and there is no option to opt out. It’s unfortunate that AVG seem to be more and more reluctant to offer transparent software.

AVG Safe Search not working in Firefox 3

Yes, I use Firefox 3, but at least I should be able to uninstall a plugin that I don’t want right? Stopping malicious links should be browser’s job anyway.

On a side note, it is harder to find AVG Free these days as compare to a year ago. Kinda reminds me of Real Player back then where they keep putting their free player in the most obsure location. I rather go exploring new lands on Earth than find that bloody button.

Gridsoft appears to follow suit and hide the link of AVG Free. They offer AVG Internet Security for download but there it doesn’t tell you that you have to pay till you reach this checkout page. AVG Free is still no where to be found in the homepage it appears.


So where can you get AVG Free then?