It’s cheaper to kill her

A week ago, a minivan driver knock a toddler down in China and then ran over her again. He offers an upsetting explanation to his behavior:

The minivan driver who knocked Wang down, and then ran over her deliberately, has since surrendered to the police, but offered a curious explanation for his action. He said he had been talking on his mobile phone when he hit the girl, but decided to run her over because it would have cost him less to pay off a dead girl’s parents than to pay for her hospital expenses.

“If she had died, I would have been required to pay only about 20,000 yuan (about Rs 1.5 lakh) in compensation, but if she were injured, it would cost me hundreds of thousands of yuan in hospital expenses,” he said.

Source: First Post

The quote left me with disgust.

Some Chinese are quick to attribute the moral decline to increasing urbanization in China.

Final Fantasy mod for Starcraft 2

Haa! Final Fantasy mod for Starcraft 2. Very convincing:

Starcraft 2 Mod – Final Fantasy 0.2

As you all likely have known, Starcraft 2 is out but it is not within my financial comfort to make purchase of the game. I was in a game shop last week and came really near, like 20 cm, to purchasing the hugely popular game that I have been attracted to for, well, nostalgic reasons. However at almost a hundred dollars, it just strikes me as a rip off and I hate having the feeling of being ripped off.

Perhaps I am not that a big gamer to begin with; I love games but I love my $100 more.

Black American kids are cheaper

Did you know it is, in average, $8,000 cheaper to adopt a black baby than a white one? And that boys are cheaper by $2,000?

Discount babies

THE market is not politically correct. It often assigns lower values to humans (their wages) based on their race or sex, even after controlling for education and experience. It’s just as cruel to children. A few years ago I was disturbed to learn that it’s cheaper to adopt black American children than white. I recently had lunch with NYU Stern School economist Allan Collard-Wexler, who has estimated adoption price sensitivity. He found just how much adoption fees are sensitive to the race and gender of a baby. It’s about $8,000 cheaper to adopt a black baby than a white or Hispanic child and girls tend to cost about $2,000 more than boys.

What can explain the preference for non-black girls? The preference for girls is interesting because people tend to favour male biological children. The authors speculate this may be because girls are considered “safer” in terms of dysfunctional behaviour. The data also includes same-sex couples, which tend to favour girls (both male and female partners), even more than heterosexual couples. (Source: The Economist)

Ah, sensitive issues. Still interesting though.

In US, SMS can cost 400% times more

Each text message costs 20 US cents without subscription. (Source: Techcrunch)AT&T SMS price plan

However, their unlimited plan is pretty attractive if you’re a huge texting fan. In Singapore, text messages costs SGD$0.05, pay per use. Unlimited plans are almost strictly available for students. In Japan, they probably don’t use SMS, they email instead which is really cool by the way. Email is a much better option without the byte restriction.