Where to find Windows Live Messenger emoticons

This is the directory or folder where MSN or Windows Live Messenger custom emoticons are located:

For Windows XP:

C:Documents and Settings [Your user name] Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftMessenger [Your Live ID] ObjectStoreCustomEmoticons

For Windows Vista or Windows 7:

C:Users [Your user name] AppDataLocalMicrosoftMessenger [Your Live ID] CustomEmoticons

In my case (email removed), it is found in “C:Users kahwee AppData Local Microsoft Messenger something@example.com ObjectStore CustomEmoticons”.

For Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)’s Microsoft Messenger:

/Users/ [Your user name] /Documents/Microsoft User Data/Microsoft Messenger Data/ [Your Live ID] /ObjectStore/CustomEmoticons

In my case, it is found in “/Users /kahwee /Documents /Microsoft User Data /Microsoft Messenger Data /something@example.com /ObjectStore /CustomEmoticons”

You can backup your custom emoticons by copying the directory to your flash drive or something. As far as I know, you cannot transfer Mac OS X’s Microsoft Messenger custom emoticons to your Windows’ Live Messenger and vice versa.

How to backup Messenger emoticons to Dropbox

This works for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It creates a backup of all the Windows Live Messenger (or MSN Messenger) emoticons and display pictures to your Dropbox folder.

[code lang=”bash”]mklink /D C:UsersKahWeeDocumentsDropboxFolderSettingsObjectStore

Note the syntax, unless your name is “KahWee”, your user directory is likely different. This updates Dropbox should there be any change to your ObjectStore folder.

Using this method you can also sync folders that are not within the Dropbox folder.