Disconnecting myself

I’m getting increasing tired of the notifications that I have in my life. The top offenders for me are Facebook, LINE, Google Talk, whatsapp and email.

I feel obliged to clear the notification icons on my desktop and phone. There are just too many ways of reaching me. And I like to experiment with new technologies that I install and sign up so many applications to connect myself even more.

I’m opting to disconnect for a while, maybe three months. No more Facebook. I have a major fatigue over notifications. I get increasingly annoyed with these distractions. The only one I cannot unplug from is email, my major chore of the day.

How to let PHP send emails

PHP not sending emails? You need a mail transfer agent (MTA). If you’re in the Ubuntu platform, you can use postfix for this:

[code lang=”bash”]sudo apt-get install postfix[/code]

You can read on more information here.

Previously my Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin didn’t work, it works fine after I install and configured postfix. I can’t go through the specifics of the configuration with you since yours would probably differ. I selected “Internet Site” and press the return key (Enter) all the way selecting the default options. On doing so, Contact Form 7 starts to work already.

Should you need to configure postfix again, you can reconfigure too:

[code lang=”bash”]sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix[/code]

Contact Form 7 uses WP_Mail which uses PHP’s mail() function. If you do need to troubleshoot, try sending emails with mail().

If you need additional configuration, you may need to update the following:

  • Settings SMTP and smtp_port need to be set in your php.ini
  • Also, either set the sendmail_from setting in php.ini, or pass it as an additional header.

I did not have to configure anything more than postfix. I am using Ubuntu server, on nginx web server.

Start with a new email subject when the topic is different

I can’t emphasize more on not resurrecting old email conversations by just replying blindly. The following meant something:

RE: Request for inspection

It meant replying to the previous conversation regarding “Request for inspection”. If it’s not the same topic, start a new email message with a brand new title. Don’t be lazy, new email subjects are free too, please have fun with it. Finding mail has become a challenge recently.

How to get a Google Wave invite

I previous asked for a Google Wave invite, Ridzuan has kindly invited me. Later on, Google sent me an invite too. And then I got another invite by Google through a developer request. It all happen in a month and I suddenly have lots of invites to give away.

Google Wave logo
Google Wave logo

So who wants a Google Wave invitations? Just comment something like “I need a Google Wave invite” with your Google Accounts email address and I’ll send one to you soon.

Security update, time to upgrade Django

Django has a 0-day security vulnerability. It’s time to upgrade:

Security updates released

Today the Django project is issuing a set of releases to remedy a security issue. This issue was disclosed publicly by a third party on a high-traffic mailing list, and attempts have been made to exploit it against live Django installations; as such, we are bypassing our normal policy for security disclosure and immediately issuing patches and updated releases.

Description of vulnerability

Django’s forms library included field types which perform regular-expression-based validation of email addresses and URLs. Certain addresses/URLs could trigger a pathological performance case in this regular expression, resulting in the server process/thread becoming unresponsive, and consuming excessive CPU over an extended period of time. If deliberately triggered, this could result in an effective denial-of-service attack.

Affected versions

Any Django application making use of EmailField or URLField in the following versions is vulnerable:

  • Django development trunk
  • Django 1.1
  • Django 1.0

Read more at Django blog

Google Wave invite?

Everybody’s talking about Google Wave invite. I don’t have one. Can I haz a Google Wave invite? Or perhaps someone with it can just show it to me on their laptop and let me play around for 20 minutes.

Google Wave logo
Google Wave logo

Just like to see what’s in there. Don’t think I’m going to do anything else with it. I’m quite a skeptic actually. My email address is tengkahwee@gmail.com

How to use sendmail in XAMPP for Windows using AOL Mail

The easiest way to start developing in PHP is to get XAMPP, the whole package can even be placed in a flash drive. Using the free AOL Mail account also allows you to sign in to the SMTP server without TLS which allows XAMPP sendmail to work.

0. Objective

To get your PHP scripts to send an email out. This guide assumes you have XAMPP or XAMPP Lite. My environment is Windows Vista. (I use XAMPP Lite by the way.)

My XAMPP is placed in C:xampplite, so your configuration may be a little different. The files to be modified are sendmail.ini and php.ini. Continue reading “How to use sendmail in XAMPP for Windows using AOL Mail”

Complete the sentence in Chinese

Found another joke in my mailbox, this time it’s about 造句:





5。题目:又 又








I really should avoid turning this into a Chinese 博客 (blog).

Sad incident at Wal-mart bullshit

Now technology has advance till so many companies can help through forwarding email. Last time it used to be Bill Gates donating, now it’s Yahoo donating and MySpace partnering with Yahoo to track donations. Wow…

Sad incident at wal-mart (Need HELP)

A sister and her brother were inside a new Wal-Mart. The sister at eight years of age and the brother seventeen years of age. The brother was wanting to buy a present for his little sister because her birthday was coming soon. As they were about to leave, she had to go to the bathroom. Her brother showed her where the restrooms were and he began looking at earrings he thought she might like for her birthday. As he started to buy the earrings, he saw people running out from the end of the store where the toilet located screaming and yelling with fear. In the next moment he smelled smoke and saw flames. He ran to his little sister as fast as he could but when he got to the bathrooms the fire was already blazing. He knew he had to make sure help was coming. When the fire trucks arrived it was already too late. They assured the family that there were no survivors. Two days later,the family got a call from the hospital. They told them that they had someone there by the name of Sandy. They asked, ‘How did you get this number?’ The hospital replied that the little girl had a purse clutched in her little hand with a card that gave her name and number on it. The family drove to the hospital to see their little angel.While they thanked God for her survival, they noticed her arms were burnt so severely they were both amputated and her face was burned and she needed surgery. The family didn’t have any health insurance and very little money to cover the bill. This family needs our HELP!

NOTE:Every time someone reposts this story, YAHOO will take $2.00 off the hospital bill. DO NOT DELETE! MYSPACE IS TRACKING THIS! Please forward this ‘Sad Wal-Mart Story’. God knows who you are. Karma knows it could happen to you!

I hope MySpace sees this post. Maybe Yahoo can consider donating more?

Tripod and Lycos Mail going to shut down

I had my first web page placed online on Tripod. The then Tripod offer something like 6 MB I think, back then where there weren’t many free things on the internet, it was magical. I never understood the generosity of commercial establishments that time, and I couldn’t understand why would anybody click on the advertisements. But all good things come to an end, Tripod is to be closed. So is Lycos Mail. I remember I had Lycos Mail somewhere.

Lycos To Shutter Lycos Mail, Tripod On February 15

Troubled Internet company Lycos is shutting down its email service and website creation and hosting service Tripod, the company is saying via emails to users that begin with “We regret to inform you that our parent company has decided to discontinue all unprofitable activities.” Both services will be discontinued as of February 15 2009.

Both were early Internet services but have languished under heavy competition from better known and better financed rivals. Tripod has actually been around since 1992, and was bought by Lycos for a reported $58 million in 1998.

A new version of Lycos Mail was released in August 2006, but Comscore says it has less than half a million worldwide users and it’s nowhere near the top ten mail providers, which each have more than ten million users. (Source: TechCrunch)

By the way, my tripod site is still there by the way, with much of the layout already broken since I am using Google Chrome. I opened up the source and look at how I code things. And I actually used div tags and style sheets. That played a part for me in learning HTML. So how do you learn your HTML?