8 year old passes Microsoft Cert, wants create “new operational system”

Wow, just wow. He wants to create a new operational system. Okay I don’t mean to laugh at his little mistake. He is the youngest certified computer system administrator. This is just ridiculous. It also goes to show how useless these certifications actually are.

And when congratulated by Microsoft, the 8 year old Casalan’s reaction was gold “The Microsoft officials gave me computer games and DVDs with cartoons when I passed the exams because I am a child. That was nice, but I’m not really interested in those things.” I somehow think the Microsoft officials did what’s most appropriate.

Marko Casalan, 8, is officially world’s youngest IT whizz

At the age of 8, Marko has become the world’s youngest certified computer system administrator and was deemed the Mozart of Computers by the press after passing exams for IT professionals with the computer giant Microsoft.

“The Microsoft officials gave me computer games and DVDs with cartoons when I passed the exams because I am a child. That was nice, but I’m not really interested in those things,” young Marko told The Times.

“I’d like to be a computer scientist when I grow up and create a new operational system.”

His parents, who are IT experts and run a computer school for children, are considering sending Marko abroad to a specialised institute of learning for gifted children, as none exists in Macedonia.

“Marko displayed exceptional learning abilities at a very early age. He was able to replicate a computer operation after only reading about it on the internet. Now we ask him for help when we have some IT related problem at work,” Marko’s mother, Radica Calasan, 38, told The Times. (Source: TimesOnline)

I generally don’t agree with putting kids through these gifted programs. They’re hardly that beneficial. I feel a kid who enjoys his or her childhood with other friends of similar age gain a hundred times more experience than a kid with an Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA). Well, just saying.

Sick, so have to stay home

Sore throat plus many more. This is my temporary solution:

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa cough sore throat remedy

This is my additional temporary solution:

Heroes Season 2

But unfortunately Heroes DVD did not work in my computer. Everything looked so pixelated, maybe Hayden Panettiere is naked in there or something. I have to watch it from television. It made me want to just Bittorrent the whole thing just so I can watch in my computer.

Review: Appleseed (2004)

I just watched the film Appleseed (アップルシード) by Shinji Aramaki (荒牧 伸志 Aramaki Shinji) who does design related stuff for Fullmetal Alchemist and one of those Naruto movies. Appleseed or Appurushîdo is a Japanese anime movie. It’s mainly 3D with character arts looking 2D to retain some sort of anime styling.

As usual, the poster:

Appleseed is a film about…

Panda thinking emoticon

Well… It’s an action anime film. The plot is a little… fuzzy. I think it’s about some alternate-human race that can’t reproduce because one scientist didn’t let them. Yeah, shit happens. But anyway, this alternate race and the human race sort of coexist together in one faction. At the more selfish faction, humans did not want this alternate race.

Humans are portrayed as selfish humans in this film (as with many other Japanese science fiction). But ultimate, the protagonist manages (of course) to overturn the situation and peace was eventually restored. This is not a spoiler, it’s one of those things you can deduce once you look at the poster and read the first two lines of the plot summary at the back of the DVD cover. Continue reading “Review: Appleseed (2004)”