Dropbox 2.0 in Mac ejects itself

That’s a really nice touch. After installation of Dropbox 2.0 in Mac, it ejects the .dmg for you. I do the usual — you know — after install, eject the .dmg file. I’m pleasantly surprised I don’t have to do that. That’s a great experience you gave me as a user. Although in all good intentions, I wonder does that mean applications can eject my external hard disk should they choose to.

Still it’s a nice touch and I will remember it as that. And the new user interface for Dropbox is amazing too. Kudos there:

Dropbox 2.0

With the recent USD100m acquisition of Mailbox, I am excited to see what’s coming up next.

How to backup Messenger emoticons to Dropbox

This works for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It creates a backup of all the Windows Live Messenger (or MSN Messenger) emoticons and display pictures to your Dropbox folder.

[code lang=”bash”]mklink /D C:UsersKahWeeDocumentsDropboxFolderSettingsObjectStore

Note the syntax, unless your name is “KahWee”, your user directory is likely different. This updates Dropbox should there be any change to your ObjectStore folder.

Using this method you can also sync folders that are not within the Dropbox folder.