Lion takes long to connect to local server

Does your /etc/hosts file look like this?

[code lang=”bash”] gladlycode.local gladlycast.local babyessentials.local localhost[/code]

Every request I made to gladlyCode.local takes 5 seconds to resolve to my local Apache server. Something was wrong!

If it does and you’re on Mac OS X Lion, you should change your VirtualHost names to something else. It turns out that Mac OS X Lion no longer looks up /etc/hosts first when you try to lookup a .local domain since are technically reserved for Multicast DNS (MDNS), or Bonjour. Starting Lion, it will lookup through MDNS first, and after the 5 second timeout, it checks with /etc/hosts.

This is at a cost of developer productivity and I have to change all my .local domains to which is a domain name I own. I figured that if it is a domain name I own, it will never clash unknowingly. I changed ‘gladlycode.local’ into ‘’ and point it to now. Now testing gladlyCode no longer takes 5 seconds per request (ridiculous!).

Alternatively you can use another top level domain (TLD) instead of .local and the common ones such as .com.

Yay! I got

And know I have to think what am I going to do with it. They are initials for my name Kah Wee. Currently it redirects to this blog.

I probably make it into a tinyurl-like service or something. This is a rather unnecessary expense actually. I kinda regret spending 60 on something I probably won’t put any thing useful on. But oh well what’s done is done. was once registered

Interestingly, I’m not the first one to want to register the domain name Back in the 2000s, was actually register. It was then deleted on December 29, 2005 according to eXpiresoft.

Who would actually want such a long domain name I thought. I wasn’t even in a hurry to register it, figuring out no one probably would think of this name. And you know before I hit the ‘Checkout’ button at GoDaddy, I was still thinking really hard if this is the right choice. The next moment, my right index finger click the mouse button by itself. Wasn’t me!

I spend a good part of my time setting things up, putting on a half-assed theme that can only impress a three-year-old. I am trying to find ways to increase productivity in web development. My computer is facing the classic case where more is needn’t necessarily good and lesser could’ve just been a hell lot better.

I just realized I am going out of point. I shall add a new post with a new subject to remain relevant.