Dinner at Rail Mall

It’s a tiring day. I slept really late (or early) this morning and I could barely think right before I speak. I’m always having this half a second lag when I talk.

Went to Ramen Ramen at Rail Mall

My dinner companion seemed pretty upset. I had my dinner at Ramen Ramen and I order a dish called Ramen Ramen Ramen. It is ramen. I was speaking rather slowly and seemed uninterested. And my friend remarked I always seemed sleepy during meetings…

On my way back, there was this store selling apple strudel at Rail Mall so I bought to try:

Apple Strudel at Rail Mall

This is the first time I tried apple strudel. The previous time I try food (remotely) similar was yesterday where I had McDonald’s apple pie. I watched people buy them all the time, finally I tasted it. It was enjoyable.

Happy Mother’s Day at Sakae Sushi

As you all know, today is not Mother’s Day. It’s tomorrow but we pretended it’s today. We got our dad along to celebrate too so it became Parents’ Day.

And yup, we went to Sakae Sushi at West Mall to have our dinner.

So many people thought that it’s Mother’s Day today! Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day at Sakae Sushi”

Went out with the army gang today

Long time since we last met actually. Everybody’s still pretty much kinda same. It’s a good update session on what’s everyone doing. Seems like more people are leaving the country. Kinda sad that more and more people are leaving. Hopefully they’d return after they study.

Nice fountain at Suntec City

This is a really nice fountain, it has water and lights. (Like the other 2,304,203 fountains in the world.) Okay, but this one really is a little special, you’ll have to see the lighting to believe it, my camera can’t capture motion.

Anyhow, it’s a good meal. Feeling really full and really tired again. Not good for digestion.