Reading on Amazon Kindle

I can’t recommend Amazon Kindle enough if you’re an avid reader. I got mine delivered over from the US to Singapore through a proxy courier. I think I used comGateway.

Since then I bought numerous books from the US shop without trouble, it all get delivered to my Kindle. I haven’t encountered phone verification of any sort.

The question I get most from people is what is it that don’t work in Singapore. Well, the 3G internet on the Kindle can only access Wikipedia and Amazon websites unfortunately. Other than that everything works fine.

I have been using Kindle for Mac more often lately:

Kindle for Mac.

It’s a lot easier to search through the annotations in the desktop application.

Just ordered an Amazon Kindle

I just ordered an Amazon Kindle yesterday:

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6

It turns out that Amazon Kindle doesn’t deliver to Singapore, the leather cover does though, but that would be just useless without a Kindle. I decided to use a post forwarder to bring it to Singapore and we’ll see how that works out. I got the one that says “Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation”.