Will it shred? A piano!

Don’t ask will it blend any more. It’s old-school by meme standards. After watching this, perhaps you won’t think about “Will it blend” any more.

WATCH IT SHRED! \ Piano // (SSI Shredder)

Watching it shred the piano makes me feel scared. I wonder what happens when someone fell in. Just when I thought shredding hard disks are so amazing.

This shredder shreds your 3.5 inch hard disk!

I simply love watching these things get destroyed. Replay for me!

Data Security – Shredder

By the way, you should never just dump your hard drive just like that if you care about security. There’s a chance that files can still be recovered using tools. So if you’re one of those forgetful people who has this passwords file – oh you thought so – “well” hidden using file properties, consider keeping your malfunctioned drive indefinitely. Or if you’re feeling a little bored over the weekend unscrew it and play with the magnets or something.