MOVITS! – Äppelknyckarjazz video

It’s MOVITS! again. Quite enjoy this song too. Great style even though I don’t understand a word.

MOVITS! – Äppelknyckarjazz Video (Officiell)

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Äppelknyckarjazz är andra singeln samt titelspåret från MOVITS! debutalbum som släpps hösten 2008.

Director: Axel Söderlund | Vfx & Compositing: Tomi Tauriainen | Art Directing: MOVITS! | DOP: David Grehn | Producer: Johan Hannu | Label: Bdpop

MOVITS! – Fel Del Av Gården

This music style incorporates hip hop, rap and swing. It’s MOVITS! from Sweden. It’s refreshing and the video’s worth watching.

MOVITS! – Fel Del Av Gården (Officiell)

Fel Del Av Gården är 3:e singeln från debutalbumet Äppelknyckarjazz som släpptes 26:e November 2008.

Director: Axel Söderlund | Vfx & Compositing: Tomi Tauriainen | Art Directing: MOVITS! | Steadicam: Nestor Salazaar | Producer: A-lite/Bohéme Music | Label: Bdpop/Bohéme Music


The band is from Luleå, Sweden, with an American hip hop style. And here are the translated lyrics by a Reddit user:

MOVITS! – Fel Del Av Gården (lyrics)

Coming from the wrong part of the yard, from the other side of the track
I grew up with gypsies
playing accordion
wanting to tell my future
while my dad emptied a bottle of explorer [cheap vodka]
taught myself to play guitar and those chords
djangos quintett playing from the grammophone
with second hand suits in the closets
and brass bands live every night in the garden

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Rubik’s cube 7x7x7 assembly animation

Okay, something geeky for today (like every other day actually):

Rubik’s cube 7x7x7 Stop Motion Assembly!!

I never completed a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube as I sucked at these puzzles and lost patience in them too quickly. I prefer peeling off the stickers and changing the colors to get the same color all at one side. Either way, I still complete the Rubik’s cube although in a cheating way.