I just annoyed a lady on the phone

I just annoyed a lady on the phone.

Her: Hello?
Me: Hello
Her: Who is this?
Me: The person you called. Who may you be?
Her: You called my phone yesterday evening and I wasn’t able to answer. I need to know who is this.
Me: You can’t. I did not call you. You called a fixed line and it can be from anybody. Give me your name and I will ask around.
Her: -gets angry- Where are you from?
Me: I don’t wish to reveal. Provide me with your name and I’ll check.
Her: -raises voice- What is this?
Me: I don’t need to identify myself.
Her: -officially pissed off- Are you trying to mock me? Why are you doing this to me?
Me: Why would I mock you? I am just asking–

-hangs up-

Not the first time this has happened. I hate to answer phone to ask me to identify myself. I won’t reveal myself before the caller does as I felt it gives a stranger an opportunity to find out more about the phone number’s owner(s). He or she could be someone who tries to use some social engineering skills. I’m mostly a prick at such scenarios. I know I know.

-hangs up-

What led me to have this kind of dream?

I woke up this morning feeling rather horrible. I had this dream concerning a friend. There was this quarrel that shouldn’t have happened, these word exchanges that are perhaps too harsh and I remember the angry stares.

I sat on my bed wondering why I have the dream. Not regarding the contents of the episode but why did I dream about these kind of things. Was there any prior event we had that led to this dream? Why is this dream delivered to me in this manner? Is my mind trying to prepare me for such a situation? Perhaps my mind (in a dreamy state) anticipated a scenario close to this.

Weeks ago we had this conversation that involved angry at each other and hence getting scolded and so on. And today I woke up realizing this could actually happen.

I feel like smacking the person who…

“u there?”

“u there?”

I have been you-there-ed 4 times in a roll when in busy mode. Don’t do an MSN nudge, don’t you-there too.

MSN or WLM is Instant Messaging (IM), not Instant Replying.

(IR is integrated resort, that’s what Singapore calls their land of casino. It’s pleases the citizens. It isn’t just a casino, it’s an integrated resort and casino just so happens to be complimentary to the integrated resort. Oh come on, all those cruise ships and just casinos on water and we all know it.)

We use the f*ckhead pattern

This made me laugh, sorry I couldn’t reduce the length. Reducing any parts weakens the effect of the following:

Not to be Confused with the Abstract F*cktory Pattern

Recently I (a Java architect) and one of our IT managers were interviewing a guy for a Java developer position. He was pretty bright, but unfortunately English was his second (or perhaps even third) language.

It was the usual interview story, asking the guy to tell us about the system that he’s currently working on. He went on to describe in some detail their Hibernate persistence layer, how they used Spring, and how their business layer worked. I was very impressed with his knowledge.

Then he said “and this is where we used the f*ckhead pattern.”


Regaining my composure, I asked what was on everyone’s mind. “The what?”

“The f*ckhead pattern” was the response, enunciated perfectly.

…prolonged silence…

After taking a few moments to think of how to phrase the question, I finally asked “…would you mind spelling that for us?”

“F-A-C-A-D-E. F*ckhead.” he replied.

I had to bite my tongue not to laugh. You couldn’t make up stuff like this. Despite the hilarity of the situation, he was actually very sharp technically, so we ended up offering him the job. (Source: DailyWTF)

Writing all things positive

R-chan has to submit a short essay of something personal that’s for engineering school.

R-chan says:
i seriously have no idea what to write

KahWee says:
“Regular stay in got morale issue”
write how you think engineering can benefit the society
how singapore could be a hub for engineering and your vision in 2020
you believe that singapore is in the right place and at the right time to become to prime location in south east asia and you wish to be part of this event
Onion laughing emoticon

R-chan says:
where do u get all these?

KahWee says:
i always crap this type of thing mah
Monkey hehe emoticon

R-chan says:
how do you crap all these type of stuff everyday?

KahWee says:
erm.. read more local news..

The local news is probably edited by patriots or optimistic people. On my occasions, I felt we’re living in an all-loving rosy world. I love you, you love me too. Aw…

Good news sells.

How to eavesdrop on Bluetooth conversations

A demo on how to attack and capture audio on a Bluetooth headset using a handheld Nokia.

How To Eavesdrop on Bluetooth Conversations

I don’t know what’s going on half the time, but it made me avoid Bluetooth headsets. I don’t really get what’s the cool factor of having one of those Bluetooth sets that hangs on the ear. It looks odd, doesn’t look cool and you can probably see some people in their late thirties flaunting them as if they’re the latest gadget or something. I feel like crying each time I see it and not in the Robert Scoble way for sure.