What KahWee tweeted on 2009-03-21

  • At Infocomm Live right now #idalive #
  • Mr. Matthias Kunze giving a talk on winning ways of an entrepreneur. #idalive #
  • Family and friends are your biggest enemies when starting businesses? #idalive #
  • Why be an entrepreneur? For Kunze, it’s about the lifestyle. #idalive #
  • Lots of people are thinking of selling your business. It’s a good motivation if you have that thought in mind. #idalive #
  • Ask yourself if you are hands on enough to start your own business? #idalive #
  • Be honest and ask yourself if you have sufficient experience before starting a business. #idalive #
  • Kunze claims that self-confidence and experience plays a tremendous part in starting a business. #idalive #
  • Be prepared to handle situations of failure. Can you handle failure? #idalive #
  • And why should you go into business in this case? Kunze leads us to third portion of his presentation – Passion is Key. #idalive #
  • Lack of passion leads to failure. #idalive #
  • Part 4. The British Airways Lounge. #idalive #
  • During the downturn, lots of things are cheaper. #idalive That’s the right time. #
  • If you have a good idea, you should do it now. #idalive #
  • Follow @floatingroom for updates on screen on the right at #idalive #
  • What is ur exit strategy? Answer: I am happy to sell when the time is right. #idalive #
  • Part 8. Build the right team. #idalive #
  • Kunze once teamed up with a guy much younger, much different. Internet exploded and security wasn’t. But he had different values. #idalive #
  • Kunze doesn’t see eye to eye with him. The mindset difference may cause businesses to fail. Didn’t work out in the end. #idalive #
  • Some tough decision includes firing a person. It’s painful but you have to make these decisions. #idalive #
  • Last slide, One wing birds can’t fly. #idalive #
  • Singaporeans have high work ethics. However too high work ethics may lead to burn out. It affects lifestyle. #idalive #
  • @uzyn: Yes you can. You know you can. 😉 #idalive #
  • Clap clap clap. Time for questions and answers. #idalive #
  • Mohan from e27 is the moderator. #idalive #
  • Unforeseen situations can happen. Unready products. Client disputes. #idalive #
  • Have you wanted to quit any of your startups? #idalive #
  • Currently in The Chamber at The Arts House. It’s a beautiful room #idalive This is where the old paliarment is at. I think. #
  • Kunze thinks Yahoo is still interesting as a company but highlights the enjoyment he gets working for Yahoo. #idalive #
  • Once again, you can following @floatingroom to see what’s on the right screen. #idalive #
  • I wonder if there is a bug with @floatingroom ‘s tweets. Opps. #idalive #
  • Would you recommend corporate experience before doing a startup? #idalive #
  • Kunze feels a good college education helps. #idalive Although he points out several success. Exceptions are there of course. #
  • Audience can ask questions now. #idalive #
  • Mohan looks lost on stage. #idalive #
  • Kunze moves nearer and nearer to the people who questions. #idalive Mohan, the moderator, couldn’t moderate, haha #
  • Want to know a VC? Helps that you know people who know people to introduce you. #idalive #
  • Connections is key too. #idalive #
  • Do you think being physically fit contributes to being mentally fit? Kunze agrees while I feel this sense of guilt. #idalive #
  • Okay no more Michael Phleps. #idalive #

The accidental success of the MDA rap video

Went to BlogOut! today! I couldn’t stand nouns having appended with an exclamation mark as I always felt confused when I try to make a proper sentence. Anyway, BlogOut! (not again…) is pretty good today. The whole theme is basically social media: good, no social media: bad. Well something along the lines.

One of the more interesting things being brought up in the discussion is the MDA (Media Development Authority) rap which most considered ridiculous. As much as I dislike (and would often cringe) the video, I actually watched it around 10 times. I shared the link with all my friends and give them something to laugh about. Almost everyone I showed thought it is the most embarrassing thing that come out from Singapore.

The video spread so quickly within days. It wasn’t even supposed to be on YouTube, it seems to be more of an education video for visitors of the MDA website to educate them of what the MDA is about.

It’s accidental success (or major failure as view by some) did achieve something quite unplanned. And that is now a lot more people know of MDA’s existence. Before the video, I doubt as much people heard of MDA much less know what they do. With one video, MDA got into Techcrunch and Digg. I could probably even get you a bunch of local blogs which discuss it.

It may be a horrible video to watch but it spreads and if you were to measure success by the increased awareness of MDA and their purpose, I think the video scores. What’s worse than bad publicity is no publicity.

Well, let us appreciate the MDA rap once again:

Gathering iPhone developers at Microsoft

It felt kinda funny so I just had to take a picture. I was at MobFest last week and Microsoft was the venue sponsor.

Why develop for iPhone in Microsoft

When Microsoft got their interns to talk about their projects, a few people stood up and leave. So basically they’re not there for Microsoft at all. It’s kinda sad and funny at the same time. I, too, wasn’t there for Microsoft products. I am working in the building next to them so we just walk over to check MobFest out. After MobFest, Arzhou, Raine and Uzyn had some supper (or dinner). And yesterday, I was at Microsoft Singapore again for RIAction and they had lots of Adobe stuff there. Google and Yahoo! was there too.

I think it is really generous for them to let competitor products step into the company. It requires a certain amount of openness and generosity to allow that to happen. I mean they could have rejected these things and no one would say that they are selfish. After all, it’s not in their commercial interest to host these sort of events. Sure they could sip in a bit of Microsoft talks here and there but they don’t really have to do that too. I don’t think the company deserved to be made a butt of jokes all the time.

ActionScript conference in Singapore

There’s going to be an ActionScript conference in Singapore coming October 19.

The Actionscript Conference

It would be cool to see what Adobe has for the developers. It cost 60 bucks to attend but if you’re real lucky and are amongst the first 10 to put the above badge up, you might be in for a little discount. And yeah, I am kinda eying for some discount, haha…

E27 Unconference on Saturday

Yes I know I know:

E27 Unconference on Saturday

(E27 Unconference is now at 11:30AM, Saturday Jul 12th.)

Saw this at my Facebook newsfeed. They stressed it 5 times. Thanks.

Anyway, for those who didn’t know yet might just be interested – E27 Unconference is now at 11:30AM, Saturday Jul 12th.

Meet entrepreneurs, developers, users and fellow IDM enthusiasts. Keep up with what’s happening in Singapore’s Web 2.0 arena.

You could find out more here. IDM stands for Interactive Digital Media if I’m not wrong.