Jay-Z’s version of Forever Young

Jay-Z’s version of Forever Young, it apparently isn’t a cool enough name since he decide it to be “Young Forever” and auto-tuned the whole bloody track.

Jay-Z – Young Forever ft. Mr Hudson

Here’s the original tune by Alphaville:

Alphaville – Forever Young

The Forever Young guys grew old. Still seen rocking last 2005 in a Wikipedia article.

Some differences between PHP and Python

I was just searching for differences between PHP and Python to get an overview on the state of both languages and how to convert some work from PHP to Python. I didn’t get much answers to the latter but I found a rather amusing article on PHP vs Python.

This page compares the differences and there’re some retorts and counter retorts.

PHP has schizophrenic tableau of function names. The builtin library has a wide variety of naming conventions. There are no namespaces, so functions often have prefixes to denote their source (but often not). Functions are often placed into classes to simulate namespaces.

To the above someone retorts that PHP 5.3 offers namespaces only to be countered by someone else to highlighted that PHP 5.3 has not been released.

But the funniest is still this:

Python has excellent introspection

Someone retorted that PHP 5 has got reflections already. And a Python supporter came in to highlight, “We said excellent introspection”. Continue reading “Some differences between PHP and Python”