The 2% who edits 75% of Wikipedia

I don’t think it would shock you that while Wikipedia have many users few are actually editing it. Some statistics have shown that just 2% are editing 75% of Wikipedia.

73.4 Percent of All Wikipedia Edits Are Made By Roughly 1,400 People

Most college professors discourage students from using Wikipedia as a reliable source of information, and if you’ve ever wondered why, here is the reason:

There are millions of people who browse Wikipedia in any given month, but only 2 percent of them (roughly 1,400) are responsible for editing nearly 75 percent of the information on the entire website.

In other words, Wikipedia, while editable by anyone, is fueled almost entirely by the knowledge of a small, select group of individuals. (Source: CollegeOTR)

While Wikipedia’s sources aren’t particular credible, it often tells are good summary of the topic and is more updated than many websites or encyclopedias. To me, Wikipedia’s strength is not in how credible the article is but, rather, how updated the article is. I think that’s where community effort is truly appreciated.

Matsushita changes name to Panasonic Corp

Okay, I just realized Panasonic is under Matsushita. I guess the name change is good.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. discards its 90-year-old name Wednesday and recasts itself Panasonic Corp., a change that comes as the electronics giant moves to lessen its reliance on the stagnant Japanese market to focus more overseas. (Source: WSJ)

This change to Panasonic Corporation would unify the Matsushita, National and Panasonic brands under the new corporate name.


Panasonic ideas for life

(Panasonic ideas for life.)

I have to say this – Wikipedia updates really quickly. The articles seemed to have been redirected and Matsushita related articles seem non-existent. The power of collaboration?